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Covers & descriptions of all the photo sets & videos available inside Artcore's Cafe.
2021-05-02 - Rosa in
2021-05-02 - Rosa in "Nudes Behind"
These nudes are actually on airbnb! It required some rather rich colours for the look to be right, and that's what we found.
2021-05-02 - Kayla Louise in
2021-05-02 - Kayla Louise in "Field Work"
Well, she is naked in a field!
2021-05-02 - Joha in
2021-05-02 - Joha in "Keep The Gown"
I love the look of this set! Joha had to keep the gown on as the neighbours could look down, but it doesn't hide anything from us!
2021-05-02 - Aimee in
2021-05-02 - Aimee in "Leather And Lace"
I'm not sure whether it is normal to wear lacy lingerie with a big leather jacket and boots, but I like it!
2021-04-25 - Vonny in
2021-04-25 - Vonny in "Industrial Corner"
A nice corner here, with some very cool brickwork.
2021-04-25 - Video: Galina M in
2021-04-25 - Video: Galina M in "Olive Green"
A little naughty here, sometimes it happens that way! It takes a while for Galina to get the panties off :)
2021-04-25 - Lilyan Red in
2021-04-25 - Lilyan Red in "Sexy Shorts"
It was a brief shoot, and even briefer shorts :)
2021-04-25 - Ana in
2021-04-25 - Ana in "Full Jeans Job"
We used the both jacket & jeans twice in the shoot, this time together. You know I love this look!
2021-04-18 - Leah Meraki in
2021-04-18 - Leah Meraki in "Black Straps"
Some lingerie this time :) And a deliberate silver-grey look.
2021-04-18 - Kiki Klement in
2021-04-18 - Kiki Klement in "Disturbing Distortion"
I always love the way the face gets distorted by the model's boobs!
2021-04-18 - Haphazard Kittie in
2021-04-18 - Haphazard Kittie in "Net Kind Of Thing"
Maybe its a poncho type of thing, I don't know :)
2021-04-11 - Video: Jessica Y in
2021-04-11 - Video: Jessica Y in "Remove The Bikini"
This was actually a trial with a different camera (which I didn't keep), so it looks a bit weird. I decided to publish it anyway as, you know, it looks a bit…
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