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Covers & descriptions of all the photo sets & videos available inside Artcore's Cafe.
2021-07-25 - Video: Edite in
2021-07-25 - Video: Edite in "One Of Those Net Things"
You can often buy these things in packets at erotic fairs. I don't know where Edite got it from, very possibly the erotic fair in Riga :)
2021-07-25 - Karina in
2021-07-25 - Karina in "Black Gown"
The gown doesn't hide a lot, but then again it isn't meant to!
2021-07-25 - Georgia Brown in
2021-07-25 - Georgia Brown in "Loud Trousers"
Glow in the dark trousers!
2021-07-25 - Bella Valentine in
2021-07-25 - Bella Valentine in "Guitar Player"
Bella wasn't really playing the guitar. But I'm sure you knew that already!
2021-07-18 - Video: Louisa Lu in
2021-07-18 - Video: Louisa Lu in "Float Away"
One of those floaty nightdress thingies.
2021-07-18 - Selene in
2021-07-18 - Selene in "Called Selene"
Selene operates under more than one name, and I booked her under something different. She told me she wanted to be called Selene while we were shooting this…
2021-07-18 - Joha in
2021-07-18 - Joha in "Concrete Ruin"
I have no idea what the concrete thing was, but it was huge! This was just the bit at the end, you can see the rest in the background.
2021-07-18 - Galina M in
2021-07-18 - Galina M in "Bar Stool"
A very tall girl on a very high bar stool! Quite dangerous :)
2021-07-11 - Vonny in
2021-07-11 - Vonny in "Not For Here"
A bit of mild bondage shot for the cellar. Vonny didn't want to be on an adult site, so I'm publishing them here instead :)
2021-07-11 - Kayla Louise in
2021-07-11 - Kayla Louise in "Random Colour Match"
Another of my seemingly random colour choices here which actually match!
2021-07-11 - Aimee in
2021-07-11 - Aimee in "Lurid Corner"
This corner is supposed to be reminiscent of the 70s - it actually looks remarkably like our family bathroom from the era. By today's standards it is just…
2021-07-04 - Video: Jess Harrington in
2021-07-04 - Video: Jess Harrington in "Genteel Removal"
Jess removes her outfit in what is, for here, a rather genteel manner :)
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