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Covers & descriptions of all the photo sets & videos available inside Artcore's Cafe.
2021-11-28 - Video: Edite in
2021-11-28 - Video: Edite in "Short Shorts"
This one has Edite's short shorts, at the start at least :)
2021-11-28 - Kitty Dawson in
2021-11-28 - Kitty Dawson in "Donut"
Well, there was a large inflatable donut in the studio. I had to get Kitty to sit in it!
2021-11-28 - Gabriella Rosa in
2021-11-28 - Gabriella Rosa in "Thin Bits Of Black"
I think these outfits are getting more complicated by the year!
2021-11-28 - Alison Wonderland in
2021-11-28 - Alison Wonderland in "Rather Worn"
A deliberately scruffy outfit for Alison here. Kind of a punky coming home late look.
2021-11-21 - Rosa in
2021-11-21 - Rosa in "Red Metal"
Yes, a red metal chair. On an open (but quite secluded) roof terrace :)
2021-11-21 - Nina in
2021-11-21 - Nina in "Thick Leotard"
The material on this leotard really was thick. It would keep you warm anyway :)
2021-11-21 - Eva in
2021-11-21 - Eva in "Jeans With Holes"
Ah yes! Topless in jeans, as always!
2021-11-14 - Video: Georgia Brown in
2021-11-14 - Video: Georgia Brown in "Bring Up The Beige"
This one seems almost monochrome. Everything beige :)
2021-11-14 - Lauren Crist in
2021-11-14 - Lauren Crist in "Mystic Sofa"
Another literary allusion, there are a few in my set titles! Anyway, here's Lauren on the leather sofa.
2021-11-14 - Galina M in
2021-11-14 - Galina M in "Severe Elegance"
Galina looked really severe in this set. She wasn't like that at all :) Just the look I wanted here.
2021-11-14 - Ellie Roe in
2021-11-14 - Ellie Roe in "Lots Of Patterns"
There are some quite complicated patterns of lace under the black here. That's what my notes say anyway!
2021-11-07 - Video: Selene in
2021-11-07 - Video: Selene in "Getting Dressed"
Having done a photo set of Selene taking the lingerie off, I filmed her putting it back on again :)
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