Shooting Schedule

Sometimes I arrange shoots well in advance, sometimes they are last minute. If you have any requests for anything in particular with the upcoming models, drop me a line on artcore-cafe (at), and I'll see what I can do

7th May: Rachelle Summers

I had an "unfortunate" shoot with Rachelle several years ago at a studio run by idiots. This time we are at Neon Dreams so there will be no problem!

18th - 22nd May: Peak District

I'm trying a short tour, just one shoot a day. Kate Anne again (she's pregnant), and a couple of new girls, Laura & Elle (& her boyfriend) so far booked

28th May: Tina Kay

It's been a long time since I shot Tina - I didn't even do video then. We will this time :)

*** Custom Sets & Movies Available***

I can do custom sets of around 100 photos, or 5 minute videos, for you for about $50 - $80 (depending on the model - it all goes to her!) Click here for details