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Information related to your account billing is held by the billing system, ccBill, and is subject to their privacy policy. It is not shared with me.

All I have access to is your username and email. I may use your email to contact you if there is a problem with your account. I will not use it for marketing for other sites, and will not pass it on to any third parties. Rest assured, I have no interest in your private information.


The content, materials, images and designs (the "content") which appear on this site are protected by worldwide copyright laws and may not be reproduced, transmitted, copied, edited, or published in any way whatsoever without my written permission. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution or use of the content is strictly prohibited.


Consent is an absolute priority on all of my shoots. I never pressure models to work beyond the previously agreed limits (yes, in spite of what I am often told, there is a real "harm in asking" - think about the power dynamic on a shoot). The shoots are a cooperation. Everything shot on this site is with the enthusiastic consent of the models. I have always worked this way, and always will.


As I'm sure you know, piracy is a major problem on the internet, particularly with adult material. Websites that offer downloads of complete photo sets as zip files have far greater problems with piracy. I don't have the time or inclination to spend all my spare time trawling scumbag forums looking for my photo sets and issuing DMCA takedown notices (which are ignored for 24 hours so that whoever wants to steal them can do so anyway), so if I do find a significant amount of piracy I will simply remove the zip files from the site. This will not be considered to be a significant reduction in the service and material offered.

Fair Use

Access is granted to the site under a "Fair Use" policy. If you use automatic software to attempt to download an excessive volume of material, causing a performance issue for other users, then I reserve the right to impose a Captcha, or in extreme cases to block your IP address.

Your Rights

By joining this site, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age, that you have the legal right to access adult content and I have the legal right to transmit it to you. You also confirm that you are accessing adult content for your own private enjoyment and that you will not make this content available to any minor.

Joining this site gives you permission to download all the content published for your own enjoyment. It does NOT give you permission to publish it yourself, neither for personal gain nor freely. This is classified as theft. I go to quite a bit of expense and effort to produce this material. Please don't illegally post it on forums. If I do find it, I will pursue the offenders. If you want people to produce adult material for you, somewhere, somehow, someone has to pay for it - don't steal it!

When joining this site you create a username and password. You agree not to share, publish, post to another site or otherwise allow access to your username and/or password to any other individual or party. Shared passwords will be detected and disabled immediately, and you will be reported to my credit card processing company.


Why? :) Seriously - you can cancel by going to or email [email protected]. Keep the email they sent you - your username there can be different to your username here.

Credit Cards

Chargebacks... Don't, please. If you have an issue, contact me on artcore-cafe (at), and we can get it resolved amicably as soon as possible. Chargebacks cost merchants a considerable penalty. If I receive any, I will investigate, and if the reasons given aren't valid then I will challenge them. The public areas of the site make clear the type, style and volume of content available.

CCBill is the designated payment processor for Artcore. *Art Core will appear on your Cardholder statement. Visit | email [email protected] | tel +1.855.588.3585


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