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A Lot More Travel

18th July 2024 12:06

After 3 weeks in Spain with Amelia, where we did 4 shoots with other models but not as much solo stuff as I expected, I have been in Belgrade for a week (I was at home for 3 days!) for 3 more shoots. The D drive on my laptop is now full! I have 2 weeks at home to clear some space before I am on the road again...

Here's some Barbie Ghoul, an american girl living in Barcelona

Price Increase

1st July 2024 07:55

I have just implemented the price increase I mentioned a few weeks ago. As I stated then, it is because of the 90% increase in my largest cost for running the site, the flat rate credit card fee I have to pay. Blame the credit card companies! Anyway, the prices have gone up by around 10%. Ongoing recurring memberships should be unaffected.

Serious Weekends

11th June 2024 14:10

That was busy! The show in Athens last weekend, 3 nights at home, and then the show in Mons. I think my days of standing in a crowd for 12 hours taking pictures are behind me - I can only do about 4 hours a day now! Also, to be honest, the budgets at a lot of the shows are less now, and the paid porn sets aren't as good. I remember in 2015 at Mons when they had Carla Cox & Lena Love, and Lauren Crist & Victoria Sweet doing superb hard G/G every hour, and each one cost 10 euros. That was serious quality! This time the porn shows at Athens were reasonable, but I went to one porn show at Mons, and it was rubbish. To be fair the public shows were OK. Oh well... I will go to fewer shows. Next up, Venus Berlin!

After all that I'm off to Spain for 3 weeks with Amelia Rose with weekend. We have 4 models already booked :)

Forgot Password?

5th May 2024 16:51

After nearly 10 years, a member just pointed out that there is no link to reset your password if you've forgotten it. Actually, he wasn't quite right, there is a link to do that but it's inside the member's area, so not a lot of use! Always willing to fix anything, I have added a "forgot password" link to the bottom of the front page :)

Travel Advisory

27th April 2024 10:24

I'm off to the USA for a while. Family business mostly, some sport to watch, and a big shoot in L.A.

As usual, updates at funny times, etc :)

Price Increase

30th March 2024 11:10

Sorry, I am going to have to increase prices. If you have a recurring membership, as long as you keep it going, you will stay at the old prices.

This isn't driven by me! My biggest single cost is the flat rate annual credit card fee which all adult sites have to pay, supposedly because we are a higher risk. This fee is the same if you are met-art, onlyfans, or a small site like mine. I have been informed that it is being increased by 90%. Yes, you read that right - 90%!

It's only the second time I have increased prices since starting the site in 2014, and I think it is still pretty good value :) I haven't fixed the new prices yet, but the increase will be about 10%

To make up for it, at least a bit, I am going to increase the amount of material published here - 3 years ago I changed the way I shoot a bit, and the result is I now have a lot more material for this site, so I will publish an extra set every week.

The new charges will apply from the beginning of July.

Oops I Did It Again

9th March 2024 17:32

I just noticed that the back & home links in the members area are broken - they have been since October '22! It looks simple, but in fact it is a lot of work to fix. Also, the material I have uploaded but not yet published (March, April & May) can't be fixed until the end of the months. Oh well! I'll get it fixed eventually. Something else to add to my monthly checks :)

Honey, I'm Home!

9th March 2024 15:46

Back from Peru - and fed up with the cold in the UK already! I didn't shoot as much as usual this year - they are having a hell of a heatwave in Lima, and I really didn't have the energy. Sadly Joha isn't in Lima anymore, and I missed a visit from her by one day :( Also Tara is no longer doing the rudies... Still, there is some pretty special stuff coming up. And I'm off on a tour of Wales next week, with a couple of new girls lined up.

Escape From Winter

11th January 2024 07:14

Yup. Back in Lima again, in the apartment with the huge terrace & jacuzzi :) Loving the heat & sun already! I'll be here for a couple of months. We have lots of usual models, hopefully a couple of new ones, and a guest appearance from an english model who is here to do the Inca trail!

Happy Christmas Again

25th December 2023 08:14

They do roll around quickly, don't they! At least, they do when you're my age.

I'm actually in Belgrade, where it isn't Christmas for another 12 days. I'm not just avoiding it, honest! Seeing a girlfriend, and doing a couple of shoots :)

Yet again, I haven't done a new Christmas photo set, but I have at least put up a different pic this year! This one is even older, one of Kayla from before I started the site!

4K Video

25th November 2023 16:26

I've been asked about 4K video, and has also been mentioned on one of the review sites. The camera I have been using for the last 3 years does shoot 4K, but I have chosen so far to continue publishing at HD. The reason is that 4K videos are very big - it would strain the disk space on the server, and possibly the capacity of the data centre deliver it. I can't at the moment justify the cost of a larger server. FYI, I always just download HD videos myself anyway!

Nine Today

1st November 2023 18:33

Yup, I started on this ridiculous venture 9 years ago today! At the time I was worried that I would ever be able to produce enough material - now I have a 5 year backlog of stuff to publish! From broken servers to bankrupt billing companies, we haven't had our troubles to seek, and sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it. But... mostly it is good. I get to meet a lot of stunning models - what more could I want? Let's hope we get a good few more years out of it :)

Emergency Shoot

30th September 2023 12:49

Liz contacted me to ask if I could shoot the surprisingly named Venom Evil, as she was touring the UK and had had a lot of cancellations. I jumped in to do a quick shoot, even though my house is still in bits! It has been a while...

I'm off on 3 separate european trips in October, culminating with the Venus Berlin show. As usual, updates at funny times blah blah :)

This Is Now Beyond A Joke

14th September 2023 13:54

I got Covid in the US, and still had shingles! Bloody hell. Now we have broken drains in my apartment building, and my bathroom will have to be smashed up to repair them. Oh, and the car still isn't fixed. I don't think I'll ever get to start shooting again!

Travel Advisory

29th July 2023 16:25

I'm going away for a few weeks on family business in the US. As usual, I will keep an eye on things while I'm away as much as possible.

One Damned Thing After Another

21st June 2023 12:18

Car with a broken gearbox. Bank account with no money. Shingles... No wonder I haven't been shooting for a while! Things are coming back together now. I have a trip to Wales for a couple of weeks, and have at least 2 shoots set up :)

Why The Dates?

4th June 2023 19:27

I have been asked about the format of the dates on the site. A funny think to ask about, but there you go! The format is yyyy-mm-dd, and it has the advantage that it makes dates in numeric order, so I can have the system automatically sort the updates in date order, rather than having to sort them manually. It also means that no-one should really be confused, given the differences in formats in different countries. I have just been trying to work out whether my USA ESTA authorization expires on 5th July, or expired on 7th May - and I'm still not sure!

An awful lot of work

9th May 2023 07:57

10 weeks after getting home from Peru, I have just finished all the editing! I left Tara until last :)

Unfortunately, I seem to have gone down with Shingles. If you know anything about that, you will know that I am unlikely to be doing much for several weeks. It is all I can manage to put up this post!

Snowed Under

18th March 2023 10:25

As always when I get back from my winter trip to Peru, I am (a) broke, and (b) snowed under with material to edit. Shooting almost every day for 5 weeks has that effect! I have done all the videos, but only about 1/4 of the photos! When it is all done I will need another holiday!

Something Of A Surprise

3rd January 2023 09:09

I got a message from Alison Wonderland yesterday. She's been in the US for years, but was here on holiday. She asked if we could do a shoot straight away! Well, it all got very complicated and stressed due to travel problems and train strikes, but we managed a couple of hours :)

As usual, I will be off to Peru in a week or so. I will be shooting all the usual girls, and maybe one or two new ones!

Happy Christmas

25th December 2022 15:19

Happy Christmas yet again. And the old Christmas picture ... as I said last year I really should do a new Christmas set! Last Christmas I hoped this year would be better. Well, it wasn't! I will hold out hope for next year. We're kind of just hanging in here at the moment :(. I will be off to Peru in the New Year to avoid the worst of the winter, and do some shooting :)

Absolutely Knackered

9th November 2022 10:34

I had 4 crazy days with Patricia, particularly on Monday when we did 4 hours at a studio (see this pic), and then 4 shattering hours doing g/g with Princess Anna. Then I had to get up at 5am to drive her to the airport in torrential rain! I need a lie down. For a week.

She will be back next summer, even though I have enough material for about 5 years. I love shooting her so much!