Old Updates

2019-10-20 - Scarlet Love in
2019-10-20 - Scarlet Love in "Them's Tattoos"
Scarlet reveals all her tattoos as she removed the leotard. There are a lot of them!
2019-10-20 - Karina in
2019-10-20 - Karina in "That Old Face"
I had a feeling Karina would distort this old face shirt in an interesting manner. I was right.
2019-10-20 - Haphazard Kittie in
2019-10-20 - Haphazard Kittie in "Graffiti Pillars"
I had some annoying issues shooting here. We were in a bit of a hurry due to people walking past. I actually shot three sets, but in the end only had enough…
2019-10-20 - Gabriella Elena in
2019-10-20 - Gabriella Elena in "Hello Again"
So here's Gabriella again, this time at the Hacienda studio.
2019-10-13 - Rana in
2019-10-13 - Rana in "Colours"
A lot of different colours going on in this set, with the scarf, socks & tattoos :)
2019-10-13 - Deena D in
2019-10-13 - Deena D in "Rework: My Stool"
I have a dodgy back and knees. It comes with age, along with being long sighted and unable to stay awake all afternoon. Anyway I use this stool a lot when…
2019-10-13 - Anna Amy in
2019-10-13 - Anna Amy in "Red Set"
This is a vey smart set of red lingerie, which really suits Anna. Nice stockings too!
2019-10-13 - Amarissa Celeste in
2019-10-13 - Amarissa Celeste in "Outside Clothes"
These are the clothes Amarissa was wearing when I met her - well, she was probably wearing pants on the underground!
2019-10-06 - Sonka in
2019-10-06 - Sonka in "You Mean These Trousers?"
I thought these trousers were nice, they are what Sonka normally wears. She was rather surprised that I wanted to shoot her in them!
2019-10-06 - Rosa in
2019-10-06 - Rosa in "Town Behind"
Rosa poses in front of the small town, probably visible to anybody with binoculars :) The shirt is a 20 year old work shirt of mine, on it's last outing...
2019-10-06 - Iron B in
2019-10-06 - Iron B in "Here's Iron"
Our introduction to Iron, starting in her dressing gown :)
2019-10-06 - Blooma Blossom in
2019-10-06 - Blooma Blossom in "Doorway"
Here's Blooma in my new little location on the landing. I've shot everywhere in my house except the downstairs loo!