Covers of some of the videos available inside Artcore's Cafe
Elen Moore in
Elen Moore in "All Keeler"
Yes, we had to do this pose on the chair :) I have had these chairs for a while, but they are normally in the dining room so I've never thought of using them…
Blue Lah in
Blue Lah in "First Movie"
This was the first movie shot with my new Q2 camera. Its a little twitchy as I was struggling a bit with the grip... but Blue still looks great :)
Patricia in
Patricia in "Dancing In Her Daisies"
Here we have Patricia dancing in her short shorts :)
Wil in
Wil in "Jiggling"
I wanted Wil to dance, but there really wasn't room, so she just had to jiggle :)
Haphazard Kittie in
Haphazard Kittie in "Pouring Oil"
After all these years, I finally asked Kittie to do a video :) Here she is, covering herself with oil.
Charlie Monaco in
Charlie Monaco in "My Blue One"
My old blue bikini co-stars here, at the start at least :)
Jasmine in
Jasmine in "Top Of The Menu"
Yes, we chose the item at the top of the menu - a naked waitress!
Georgia Brown in
Georgia Brown in "Shake Off"
Some proper bottom shaking here as Georgia gets the trousers off!
Blue Lah in
Blue Lah in "Kind Of Monochrome"
It's not black and white, obviously, but everything in this video seems like a shade of the same colour :)
Edite in
Edite in "Mind The Gap Movie"
That's what it says on the pants!
Kayla Louise & Sinead Smith in
Kayla Louise & Sinead Smith in "Altogether Girly"
Kayla & Sinead are being ridiculously girly as they gradually remove their even more ridiculous outfits :)
Eva Ray in
Eva Ray in "Fine Lace"
The lace on this set is so fine it is hard to see at times :)