Next Months Updates

Covers & descriptions of the upcoming photo sets & videos
2023-07-30 - Video: Blue Lah in
2023-07-30 - Video: Blue Lah in "Tough To Get Off"
Quite a complex bit of lingerie to get off. Still, it lasted less than half the video :)
2023-07-30 - Rosa in
2023-07-30 - Rosa in "Jacuzzi Time part 2"
Jacuzzi long time! part 2 of 2
2023-07-30 - Haphazard Kittie in
2023-07-30 - Haphazard Kittie in "Well That's Different"
This white outfit certainly looked different to Kittie's normal costumes.
2023-07-30 - Deya Vu, Kim D'Noir & Medialuna in
2023-07-30 - Deya Vu, Kim D'Noir & Medialuna in "Bring Up The Red"
These are just about the 3 brightest red outfits possible!
2023-07-23 - Kitty Dawson in
2023-07-23 - Kitty Dawson in "Pink On Beige"
You don't often see a pink leather jacket. It was in the middle of a big pile of clothes at the studio. I was pleased to find the boots too :)
2023-07-23 - Catarina in
2023-07-23 - Catarina in "Girl Shirt"
Catarina's turn to wear the famous shirt with the naked girls on.
2023-07-23 - Aika May in
2023-07-23 - Aika May in "Blue Sky Thinking"
One of the issues with shooting outside is that skies are a lot brighter than you would think. It always needs a lot of work to make the sky a nice blue. I may…
2023-07-16 - Video: Patricia & Selene in
2023-07-16 - Video: Patricia & Selene in "Sorry About The Biscuits"
I'm careful about backgrounds, but in this case I messed up! The girls had been on the sofa, when the asked to lie on the floor for the last film I just said…
2023-07-16 - Luisabel in
2023-07-16 - Luisabel in "Hoot Hoot"
You can see where this outfit comes from, but I'm not going to say!
2023-07-16 - Kiki Klement in
2023-07-16 - Kiki Klement in "In The Garden"
A little garden break for Kiki!
2023-07-16 - Alison Wonderland in
2023-07-16 - Alison Wonderland in "Tight Plastic Dress"
A very tight plastic dress, which Alison had trouble getting out of!
2023-07-09 - Tara in
2023-07-09 - Tara in "High Thigh Swimsuit"
The high thigh thing is hard to pull off, unless you are as tall as Tara!