Next Months Updates

Covers & descriptions of the upcoming photo sets & videos
2024-06-30 - Video: Denali Dink Lu in
2024-06-30 - Video: Denali Dink Lu in "Loads Of Curves"
Denali is a very curvy girl. Tough to keep everything in focus!
2024-06-30 - Tara in
2024-06-30 - Tara in "Exposed From Behind"
An amazing swimsuit which hides nothing from behind :)
2024-06-30 - Libka in
2024-06-30 - Libka in "Flash Of Red"
The red really jumps out, I made it that way :)
2024-06-30 - Janette Night in
2024-06-30 - Janette Night in "Sheer Black Thing"
A special leotard you can see through :)
2024-06-23 - Lucie B in
2024-06-23 - Lucie B in "Kind Of Lilac"
I thought this was lilac at the time, no it seems a bit more like blue. What is it with my eyesight?
2024-06-23 - Kate Anne in
2024-06-23 - Kate Anne in "Woodland Maybe"
It's not really outside, its part of the studio. Some rather difficult cropping to avoid catching the ceiling!
2024-06-23 - Cadef in
2024-06-23 - Cadef in "In The Jacuzzi"
Cadef shot here last year, but we couldn't use the jacuzzi that day. We did several times today :)
2024-06-16 - Video: Patricia in
2024-06-16 - Video: Patricia in "Luminous Yellow"
Maybe lingerie, maybe bikini, definitely luminous!
2024-06-16 - Medialuna in
2024-06-16 - Medialuna in "Blue Hair"
This was the first set from this shoot, I had to note the blue hair :)
2024-06-16 - Katerina Hot in
2024-06-16 - Katerina Hot in "Marilyn Chair"
There were two cool chairs in the apartment, so we used both of them :)
2024-06-16 - Amelia Rose in
2024-06-16 - Amelia Rose in "Look! A Man!"
I was greeted like this on a date one day, the first time I met the lady in question's children. It seemed appropriate for the first appearance of a man on this…
2024-06-09 - Seed in
2024-06-09 - Seed in "Large Shorts"
I'm not sure if it's that the shorts are large, or just that Seed is small!