Next Months Updates

Covers & descriptions of the upcoming photo sets & videos
2021-05-30 - Wil in
2021-05-30 - Wil in "Blue Bikini"
This is my blue bikini. Not that I have worn it! Quite a few models have. Wil fills it nicely.
2021-05-30 - Video: Blue Lah in
2021-05-30 - Video: Blue Lah in "Red Strip"
Yes, red lingerie. To start, at least!
2021-05-30 - Kitty Dawson in
2021-05-30 - Kitty Dawson in "Out Red"
Some quite severe light modification, designed to bring out the red.
2021-05-30 - Amelie Dot in
2021-05-30 - Amelie Dot in "Black Corset"
Quite a chunky black corset. It stayed on for most of the set, it was hard to get on and off!
2021-05-23 - Louisa Lu in
2021-05-23 - Louisa Lu in "Like White"
Everything has gone white this time ;)
2021-05-23 - Ellie Roe in
2021-05-23 - Ellie Roe in "French Window"
Almost everyone sits on the rocker. I use it when I'm listening to music :)
2021-05-23 - Edite in
2021-05-23 - Edite in "Lurid Colour Scheme"
Yes, it does get a little lurid in this set. The red is ridiculous!
2021-05-16 - Vonny in
2021-05-16 - Vonny in "In The Window"
Time to play around with the backlight, so as not to make the pictures silhouettes!
2021-05-16 - Video: Georgia Brown in
2021-05-16 - Video: Georgia Brown in "Falling Out"
Often girls seem to fall out of their tops... here Georgia seems to be falling out of her bottoms :)
2021-05-16 - Natalia Forrest in
2021-05-16 - Natalia Forrest in "Found The Stockings"
I wanted Natalia to wear stockings for this set, but she couldn't find them. Well, she did in the end :)
2021-05-16 - Helen Diaz in
2021-05-16 - Helen Diaz in "All Dark"
Everything came out dark in this shoot, there was a problem with the lights. I just made it all moody!
2021-05-09 - Patricia in
2021-05-09 - Patricia in "One Of Mine"
Patricia brought several outfits, but this is actually one of mine.