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Covers & descriptions of the upcoming photo sets & videos
2022-10-30 - Zokka in
2022-10-30 - Zokka in "Hairy Orange"
Orange is my favourite colour, but I don't get to use it much on location. But, here is a really hairy orange blanket for us!
2022-10-30 - Video: Elen Moore in
2022-10-30 - Video: Elen Moore in "All Keeler"
Yes, we had to do this pose on the chair :) I have had these chairs for a while, but they are normally in the dining room so I've never thought of using them…
2022-10-30 - Kim D'Noir in
2022-10-30 - Kim D'Noir in "All Suspenders"
The suspenders stay on all the time here :)
2022-10-30 - Eva in
2022-10-30 - Eva in "Lingerie Outside"
We decided to use some lingerie in the woods. I know it is a little strange, but why not?
2022-10-23 - Lily Moonflower in
2022-10-23 - Lily Moonflower in "Silver Fern"
I'm not sure if the pattern is a fern, it is definitely some sort of plant!
2022-10-23 - Kayla Louise in
2022-10-23 - Kayla Louise in "Leg Straps"
The leg straps stay on, everything else goes :)
2022-10-23 - Ell in
2022-10-23 - Ell in "Open Pants"
I'm not sure these even count as pants, they are just straps!
2022-10-16 - Video: Louisa Lu in
2022-10-16 - Video: Louisa Lu in "While Shooting 2"
I hadn't shot for months due to the Covid lockdown, so I put a video camera up during the shoot so I could check on what I did wrong later! Eventually, I…
2022-10-16 - Rosa in
2022-10-16 - Rosa in "Garden Of Eden"
It was a very idyllic property (apart from the dogs running around!), almost like the garden of Eden :)
2022-10-16 - Gabriella Rosa in
2022-10-16 - Gabriella Rosa in "Go Red"
I made as much red as possible in this set - everything else had been rather pastel!
2022-10-16 - Entactogena in
2022-10-16 - Entactogena in "Ethnic Headwear"
I really liked the colour that this scarf added :)
2022-10-09 - Mia Sollis in
2022-10-09 - Mia Sollis in "Long Black Gown"
Not a gown to be worn outdoors :)