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Covers & descriptions of the upcoming photo sets & videos
2021-08-29 - Video: Galina M in
2021-08-29 - Video: Galina M in "Little Gown"
This is the sort of gown girls put on between sets. Galina doesn't, she is naked most of the time! But, we used it for this movie.
2021-08-29 - Rosa in
2021-08-29 - Rosa in "Squeeze Through The Door"
No, Rosa didn't have to squeeze through the door. Just the chair! I had to turn it to all angles to get it onto the terrace :) And back.
2021-08-29 - Kitty Dawson in
2021-08-29 - Kitty Dawson in "Hot Posters"
I guess that if these posters were originals they would be far to valuable to stick on the wall of a photo studio, but they make a great background.
2021-08-29 - Charlie Monaco in
2021-08-29 - Charlie Monaco in "Tiniest Bikini"
This is the tiniest bikini I have ever found, especially when unzipped!
2021-08-22 - Vonny in
2021-08-22 - Vonny in "Extraneous Straps"
Vonny wanted to add the straps as she thought the outfit looked a bit plain. It is strange, but I'll go along with it!
2021-08-22 - Libka in
2021-08-22 - Libka in "From Very Close"
An extremely close up set of Libka rolling around on the bed.
2021-08-22 - Joha in
2021-08-22 - Joha in "Boots On The Sand"
Having removed the complicated costume, all Joha had left was her boots. Gives a whole new meaning to "Boots On The Sand" :)
2021-08-15 - Video: Kayla Louise & Sinead Smith in
2021-08-15 - Video: Kayla Louise & Sinead Smith in "Night Out"
This was a "tease" video we shot for Kayla. I don't normally publish this sort of thing - it is very odd being on the receiving end of it while holding the…
2021-08-15 - Haphazard Kittie in
2021-08-15 - Haphazard Kittie in "Red Pop"
The red really pops out of this set. It was actually a bit of an accident, but I like it that way :)
2021-08-15 - Georgia Brown in
2021-08-15 - Georgia Brown in "Fade To Blue"
Everything looked very blue and fuzzy when I shot it, but a little less now!
2021-08-15 - Aimee in
2021-08-15 - Aimee in "Kinky Hat"
This kinky hat was in a dark corner of the studio, I'm not sure where the matching dress came from :)
2021-08-08 - Selene in
2021-08-08 - Selene in "Lounge Wear"
Well, that's what it says!