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Travel Again

1st July 2017 19:01

Off to Riga at 2am! Then I have a few days at home before going to the US.

Due to the hardware issues, I can't do updates while I'm away at the moment (the laptop has to be plugged into an old screen...). So, I will put up the updates before I go away each time :)

Oh... and the archive fixed itself somehow, so it is now all complete...



27th June 2017 19:23

I'm a software kind of guy, having spent 35 years writing computer programs. Hardware is something you plug in and it works, until it doesn't, and you kick it until it works again or you have to buy more. On Sunday morning I decided it was time to shift the next 6 months over to the archive. 22 hours later, a power supply, the hard drive I host the archive on, and the screen of my laptop had all broken... It's all kind of fixed now... 4 months of the updates have been moved but there is an issue. When I try to move more it is insisting on uploading it all from scratch. The only way to fix this is to delete the archive completely, and re-add it in pieces. I'll do it next week after the trip to Riga.


Special Effects

24th June 2017 22:25

The group shoot was a bit frustrating as I couldn't be in control of what was happening :) However, a glass prism I had ordered arrived just as I was leaving the house, so here are some interesting special effects - straight off the camera! You have to love Ecce in this - I will shoot her again, under more controlled conditions, soon.


Travel Advisory

9th June 2017 19:11

I have a weekend in Madrid, then on to Lima for a few days with Su :))) As usual, updates funny times yadda yadda... In fact, I've put up Sunday's update very early :)


What's With The "Art Nude"?

29th May 2017 15:43

It doesn't mean artistic (although I hope it sometimes is). It comes from an earlier site I ran, it is the "level" (how explicit) the model is shooting to - the kind of thing that comes up when negotiating the shoot. It's just me being paranoid about making sure you know what you're getting!

And this is a picture of the wondrous Ellie Roe, the first set from our studio day :)

Ellie Roe

A Sunny Day Out

27th May 2017 18:03

Just back from a shoot with Kayla down at the Scarlet Door studio. Some more old fashioned glamour pics for you! Kayla stayed on for a full day shoot, and I had a nightmare journey home... just in time for the premiership rugby final :)


Travel Advisory

18th May 2017 17:52

Off to Belgrade for a weekend with Nadja... As usual, updates funny times yadda yadda...

But hey! I've just booked the flights to visit Riga in July. Two more days in a dungeon :)


Value For Money

7th May 2017 09:56

For the last year or so I've been publishing 2 sets on Sunday, and 1 or 2 sets on Thursday. I've always resisted increasing the number of sets I publish in case I can't maintain it (after all, this is a hobby!), but I'm now comfortable with publishing a few more. So, from June, I will be releasing 2 or 3 sets on Sunday, and 2 on Thursday - more or less an extra set every week :)

Heidi Romanova

Isn't Kittie Amazing?

26th April 2017 20:12

Yes, another great shoot with Kittie (who now prefers to be known as Wonderdust Supertramp, I just don't want to rename all the files!). More outrageous hair, perfect skin, and stunning poses. You won't find a better model anywhere :) I'm not sure if I will make it to Riga this summer, but I hope I do!

Haphazard Kittie

Archive Complete

15th April 2017 18:36

Well, it was a little more manual than I hoped, but we now have an archive area with a link from the top of the member's area, so things should now display and build a bit quicker. I will shift 6 months or so material over to the archive twice a year :)

I just had a shoot with young Bella Valentine... it turned out to be her second ever shoot! She was obviously rather nervous, but did very well. I hope I get to shoot her again :)


Some More Construction

13th April 2017 21:32

After a week in the Middle East, I'm a bit broke :( So... Easter weekend at home... I have decided to finally have a go at setting up the archive page. I've planned it all out - in future the main members page will have 18 months - 2 years of updates, and older sets will be accessed through a link at the top. While I am going the work, some old sets may disappear for a while, and some links from the model directory may break. Hopefully by the time the smoke clears, everything will work perfectly :) The members area will build a lot quicker, display quicker, and it will solve some disk space issues I'm having at this end.

building site

Now I'm Going Somehwere Seriously Remote

3rd April 2017 07:16

Just off to the airport... Can't say where I'm going... I won't be able to access the websites for the next week, so I will put up the next two updates now. If anything goes wrong, email me and I will contact the support guys - I won't be able to check for myself :) I'll be back next Monday.


End Of Redhead Week

12th March 2017 14:34

I got to shoot two gorgeous redheads in 3 days :) This is Davina, Agneska's sister.

I have to take a break from shooting for a while, a friend was seriously assaulted recently and I am using all my spare money to help her out - I can't give any more details, it's a bit upsetting. But, I will be back, and there is plenty of material to come :)


Another Holiday

28th February 2017 05:33

I'm off to Ecuador with Su for a few days :) One of my favourite countries. We will be in a seriously remote area for a lot of the time, so internet access will be difficult - I have put up the next two updates in advance. I'll be back next week :)


Renewal Issues

19th February 2017 11:23

Greetings from Belgrade! Those of you who have been around a while, or who have read the blogs in detail, will know that occasionally your renewals don't reach my site from Zombaio. I don't know about you, but it annoys me! Usually it fixes itself after a couple of days. I've been informed that it has happened again. If it affects you drop me an email on artcore-cafe (at) and I will renew you manually asap. When I get home in a couple of days I will go through the membership records and check them all.


It Took A While

29th January 2017 15:44

It's been 6 weeks or so since my last shoot, and over a year since Lottii originally contacted me, but we finally had our shoot today. I was well impressed, boy did we produce a lot of material :) Here's a quick example...


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