Shooting Schedule

Sometimes I arrange shoots well in advance, sometimes they are last minute. If you have any requests for anything in particular with the upcoming models, drop me a line on artcore-cafe (at), and I'll see what I can do

All Shoots on hold

For obvious reasons.

April 29th: Shasta Wonder

A US based Playboy model from Rwanda. I'm pushing the boat out here!

*** Custom Sets Available***

I can do custom sets of around 100 photos for you for about $50 (depending on the model - it all goes to her!)

Publication Schedule for April

Updates on Sundays (3 - 4 new sets or videos)

5th: Amelia Dot / Gabriella Elena / Helen Diaz / Lily Moonflower *

12th: Eva Ray / Haphazard Kittie / Joha ^ / Roze

19th: Angharada / Karina / Olga Cabaeva * / Rosa

26th: Ellie Roe / Helena / Leah Meraki / Zokka

^ video clips, * new models