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11th July 2020 17:41

We have finally nailed the performance issue, there was some obscure little switch in the data centre between my server and the outside world which had a fault.

The issue is that my website size & membership have grown, so this is by a long way the largest site that they host. It will run fine, but there isn't a lot of resilience. They are, however, very friendly, helpful, and cheap!


An Extraordinary New Camera

8th July 2020 20:31

I wasn't happy with the camera I bought recently, and sweet talked the dealer into taking it back if I bought a new Q2, the new version of the Q I original sold. I did a test shoot with Blue Lah (I shot her a couple of weeks ago, obviously nothing published yet except on the blog), and got some amazing results. The video quality is ridiculous. The pictures are 47mp, but I have no intention of publishing that - the server would die and the disk would fill up in no time. It does, however, give me the flexibility to crop with no loss of quality. I now have to work out how to pay my next credit card bill!

I've only so far processed some stuff we shot for the Cellar, but take a look at this :)


You're Welcome

1st July 2020 13:43

I was doing my monthly checks, and I saw that there has been a huge increase in membership. Hi! You're all welcome :) I guess a lot of people are locked in at home... I hope you like what you find and continue your membership for a while, if not forever :) I also hope the site isn't too slow for you - there is still a bit of a problem.

And here's Galina, from my pre-lockdown trip to Riga. Coming soon!


A Bonus, And A Request

21st June 2020 14:52

I shot the beautiful Amelia Rose here when I was in Lima in February. With the backlog of material, I was due to publish her first set in September. However, she is having a bit of a problem with the quarantine in Lima. Her landlord is a policeman, and therefore the law banning evictions during the coronavirus don't apply to him. Latin american corruption for you! She has been pushing her onlyfans, Amelia's Onlyfans, and has nearly made enough money to be able to withdraw it to pay her outstanding rent. I've put up a couple of her sets early as a bonus, and I'd really appreciate it if one of two of you could join her onlyfans. It only needs a few more for her to be able to make the minimum payout :)


Another Break

19th June 2020 18:31

I bought a new camera as I thought it would make a better backup/video camera than the Q. Unfortunately it had a fault and has gone back to the factory. On top of that, my dear faithful old M has developed a viewfinder problem and has been sent away too. I have no camera!

This is Blue Lah. We had a socially distanced shoot with longer lenses and me standing at the end of the room. She will be back as soon as lock down is over and I have my cameras back!



29th May 2020 09:13

Sorry, the site is a bit slow. It looks like there is an issue with the network at the service provider. We are looking into it!

Update: Still not great. I would suggest you don't stream videos. I would suggest that anyway as the downloaded version is much higher quality :)


Grunge, Grime And Grain

4th May 2020 18:58

I've been stuck in my house for a month! I have just finishing processing all the material shot in Riga. I had planned 4 shoots in a studio and a couple of fetish shoots in my apartment. I couldn't use the studio as it was closed, and the fetish shoots were cancelled as the models didn't want to shoot because of the virus. So, I ended up doing a huge amount of shooting in the apartment, doing a lot more shoots than planned, and a lot longer. It was a dark basement apartment and almost all the material has come out grimy and grainy. So, get your art appreciation goggles out!


Coronavirus Update 2

14th April 2020 07:51

It looks like we will be shut down for a long time. Due to underlying health issues I am in a high risk group, so I will be very restricted until we get a vaccination.

Although I am unlikely to be shooting for a while, there is plenty of material waiting to be released! I have recently completed a project of going through a lot of older material that was shot for other sites, removing the unsuitable bits, and re-photoshopping the rest. I was going to publish 1 or 2 sets a month of this, but I may have to publish a little more for a while. I may also struggle to keep to my normal plan of publishing 1 or 2 new models every month. You will, however, get the usual amount of updates :)

Anyway, stay home and stay safe.


Joining Instagram

2nd April 2020 14:22

I've passed some of the time while locked up by joining Instagram. I've been told its a good way to find new models but I'm not so sure. Anyway, it might drum up some business! The trouble is, very few of my pics are "instagrammable" :) This one of Lauren is, just about!

Anway, here's my Instagram page. At least you can look at it when you're at work. If we ever get back to work, that is...


Coronavirus Update

27th March 2020 15:43

I got home from Riga ok. The flight was fun. The crew were all in full HazMat outfits! I took a picture of a stewardess, but I didn't think it was appropriate to publish here. Anyway, having stayed longer in Riga than intended I have an enormous amount of new material.

For obvious reasons all shoots are on hold while we are under lockdown. Stay at home, stay safe. Some day we will be back to normal :)


What-A Mistake-A Da Make-A

20th March 2020 10:43

I had my trip to Riga all booked, but with the Coronavirus I wasn't really sure... I checked as I went to the airport and Ryanair were still selling tickets for the flight back (today), so I decided to go through with it. The next day they cancelled all flights, with no date to restart, and have switched off all their help lines. Typical Ryanair. I have booked a flight on another airline via Stockholm for Sunday 29th, but I have no faith in that either. There was an emergency repatriation flight today but I didn't find out until too late.

So, I've booked several more models, and two models I saw this week (Edite & Galina Fedorova) will be coming back! I will have no money, no clean underwear, and a mountain of new material - but I hope to get home one day!

Update 21st March... The Latvian government are running repatriation flights (NOT the British government!). I will be home Wednesday :)


Finally A New Computer

12th March 2020 12:59

I've been maintaining the site since 2014 using my dear old Windows 7 laptop, now held together with sticky tape and hope. So, the time has finally come to splurge on a new beast of a laptop which will maintain the website, do the photoshopping, and eventually the video editing too! The migration is a nightmare...


What's With The Art Nude?

8th March 2020 18:05

I've been asked this a few times, and blogged before. Maybe I'll make it a sticky... Why do I put "art nude" on almost all the updates? It comes from an older site I did where I was selling photo sets and needed to specify how explicit they were. I just continued it here.

So... what is art nude? There are a lot of definitions of this. Traditionally it would be old style playboy nudes, legs together. However, I've had some models not want to face the camera, I've had others sit on the sofa and put a leg over each arm (er... "met-art style"). My definition is somewhere between the two. If a models legs are more or less closed she can be pointed in any direction, if her legs are open her pussy has to be pointed away or down, not at the camera.

So... why bother? Because some models are happy to be on an art nude site, but don't want to be on an adult site. So, I keep this place broadly art nude. I get a wider range of models, so do you. Simple!

Art Art

Home Again

1st March 2020 10:13

I'm finally going home. For 2 days! Then a weekend at the show in Porto, a couple of shoots in Southampton, and a big trip to Riga the following week with a lot of new models. I'm also planning a trip up north for April. Then again, I might stay at home and sleep for a few weeks!


Performance Problems

6th February 2020 07:51

You may have noticed that the website performance is impossibly slow. Apparently it has been for a few days. Big thank you to the member who contacted me about it! I am travelling at the moment and I'm not checking as much as normal.

The webhosts have found the problem, it is an internal issue in the data centre. They're working on it. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed soon.

Update 11:40. The server needs a new network card. They will install it tomorrow or Saturday

Update 16:18 8th Feb. Back to normal :)