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Coronavirus Update

27th March 2020 15:43

I got home from Riga ok. The flight was fun. The crew were all in full HazMat outfits! I took a picture of a stewardess, but I didn't think it was appropriate to publish here. Anyway, having stayed longer in Riga than intended I have an enormous amount of new material.

For obvious reasons all shoots are on hold while we are under lockdown. Stay at home, stay safe. Some day we will be back to normal :)


What-A Mistake-A Da Make-A

20th March 2020 10:43

I had my trip to Riga all booked, but with the Coronavirus I wasn't really sure... I checked as I went to the airport and Ryanair were still selling tickets for the flight back (today), so I decided to go through with it. The next day they cancelled all flights, with no date to restart, and have switched off all their help lines. Typical Ryanair. I have booked a flight on another airline via Stockholm for Sunday 29th, but I have no faith in that either. There was an emergency repatriation flight today but I didn't find out until too late.

So, I've booked several more models, and two models I saw this week (Edite & Galina Fedorova) will be coming back! I will have no money, no clean underwear, and a mountain of new material - but I hope to get home one day!

Update 21st March... The Latvian government are running repatriation flights (NOT the British government!). I will be home Wednesday :)


Finally A New Computer

12th March 2020 12:59

I've been maintaining the site since 2014 using my dear old Windows 7 laptop, now held together with sticky tape and hope. So, the time has finally come to splurge on a new beast of a laptop which will maintain the website, do the photoshopping, and eventually the video editing too! The migration is a nightmare...


What's With The Art Nude?

8th March 2020 18:05

I've been asked this a few times, and blogged before. Maybe I'll make it a sticky... Why do I put "art nude" on almost all the updates? It comes from an older site I did where I was selling photo sets and needed to specify how explicit they were. I just continued it here.

So... what is art nude? There are a lot of definitions of this. Traditionally it would be old style playboy nudes, legs together. However, I've had some models not want to face the camera, I've had others sit on the sofa and put a leg over each arm (er... "met-art style"). My definition is somewhere between the two. If a models legs are more or less closed she can be pointed in any direction, if her legs are open her pussy has to be pointed away or down, not at the camera.

So... why bother? Because some models are happy to be on an art nude site, but don't want to be on an adult site. So, I keep this place broadly art nude. I get a wider range of models, so do you. Simple!

Art Art

Home Again

1st March 2020 10:13

I'm finally going home. For 2 days! Then a weekend at the show in Porto, a couple of shoots in Southampton, and a big trip to Riga the following week with a lot of new models. I'm also planning a trip up north for April. Then again, I might stay at home and sleep for a few weeks!


Performance Problems

6th February 2020 07:51

You may have noticed that the website performance is impossibly slow. Apparently it has been for a few days. Big thank you to the member who contacted me about it! I am travelling at the moment and I'm not checking as much as normal.

The webhosts have found the problem, it is an internal issue in the data centre. They're working on it. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed soon.

Update 11:40. The server needs a new network card. They will install it tomorrow or Saturday

Update 16:18 8th Feb. Back to normal :)


Fcuking Tyops

12th January 2020 07:24

So I was at a bit of a loose end the other afternoon. Su was fast asleep, so I set off a slide show of all the site set covers (It's a cool effect - you should try it, there's a little triangle icon above the images...). I spotted half a dozen typos on the cover images. Two were really embarrassing, so I've just spent a couple of hours fixing them manually. The lesser typos will stay, life is too short!


On Safari, Kind Of

29th December 2019 11:28

Even by my standards, I'm off on a long trip tomorrow. I will be in South America for 2 months. All the site updates have been set up, so all I have to do it put them live. As usual, this may not be at the normal time. I will see Rosa & Joha, and I'm trying to set up shoots with another couple of models. We'll see! Anyway, I'll be back home in March.


Happy Christmas And Stuff

25th December 2019 08:32

I was rather surprised to notice that this is the 6th Christmas since I started the site! Time flies and all that. Well there is more to come! And I'll try to get my arse into gear and do more blogging and tweeting :)

Heidi Romanova

On The Road Again

27th November 2019 08:37

On the road, on the train, on the aeroplane... I'm off to eastern Europe for a couple of weeks. I won't be taking this laptop, so I'm putting up the next 2 updates now. Back soon!


A Whole Lotta Shooting Going On

4th November 2019 17:53

Oops! Not blogged recently... I've been busy on other stuff. If you look at the schedule, I'm doing a lot of shooting this month. That's 'cos I will be away travelling around Peru, Bolivia & Chile for a couple of months after Christmas. I have a lot to do so that things can tick over while I'm away. A lot of planning :)


Off To Barcelona

1st October 2019 08:11

Holiday & work! As I'll be away for 10 days, I'm putting up next weekends updates now before whizzing off to the airport :)


An Addition To My World

26th September 2019 14:59

Elsewhere in my little world, I used to publish material that I had shot at erotic shows in Europe. I removed that a while ago, and have now created a new site, Artcore's Shows. This is a not-for-profit site, with free access to "Artcore's World" members, that is members of all three sites. Enjoy!


Holiday Again

5th September 2019 18:16

Yup. I've been at home for a while... Off to the US tomorrow morning on family business. I'm putting this weekend's updates up now, I'll be home just in time to do next week's :)


Shooting Break

28th July 2019 12:07

I'm taking a bit of a break from shooting for a couple of months. Two reasons - I'm spending some time processing videos for someone, but mainly because "Jacket" here (the car, not Kayla, named after Harry Flashman's illegitimate son) requires some rather expensive body work. Never fear, as always there is plenty of material waiting to be published.


Moving Pictures

20th July 2019 13:14

Those of you who are members of other parts of my little world will know that I have been publishing videos. I haven't done so here as I tend to find that videos at the level appropriate to this site are a bit dull. However, while shooting with Joha & Rosa recently, we did shoot a few videos which are quite fun. I'll be publishing them every so often, and may shoot a few more :) I guess maybe around 1 a month starting later this year.


Fun In The Sun

9th July 2019 09:31

I've been away so long I've forgotten what it's like at home! I will be back soon.

Here we were, up on the sand dunes in Ica. We ended up with Joha & Rosa naked and so many people watching we should have been selling tickets!


Pure Comedy Gold

20th June 2019 12:22

It has now been announced that the UK Age Verification rules will be put on hold indefinitely. Even the most dimwitted of politicians and puritans have had to accept that it just won't work. The government have been carted into court over it too.

Mildly irritating for me, as I spent an afternoon building my SFW front pages and making the redirection work. Very annoying for those who invested serious time and money - but frankly they would have been better off campaigning against it. I've left my uk versions there, but have hidden all the bits that require regular updating (the schedule etc). Should this fiasco ever come back from the dead I'll sort it out then.


And A Busy Weekend

16th June 2019 19:04

So, when you try to book a shoot, you contact a model and she may or may not reply. If you want to shoot at a particular time, like this weekend, you end up contacting several models in hope that one will want to shoot. Well, this weekend all three girls I contacted said yes. Three new models, Abigail, Tammy Claire & Koneko here...

I'm off travelling again for a few weeks. Updates at funny times depending on time zones and internet connections...


A Weekend At Home

26th May 2019 16:58

Two beautiful new models shot. Iron B yesterday, and Karina today :) Sometimes I feel lucky!

All that, and binge watching a box set of Turtle's Progress.

Iron B Karina

A Weekend In Greece

16th May 2019 08:27

I'm off to Athens for a few days so I've put this weekend's updates up early...

Oh, and thanks (ie NO THANKS) to the member who posted a picture of one of my art nude models on namethatpornstar. She has gone completely ballistic at me, thinking I did it. Your actions have consequences. I won't be able to shoot her again, and may end up taking down her pictures from here.


Age Verification Is Coming... Sometime... Maybe

11th May 2019 15:14

It has been announced that the UK Age Verification rules will be enforced from July. Just to prove how fucking stupid they are, they will be checking 50 sites at a time, and there are about 4 million to do! Of course, it depends on the order - let's hope it isn't alphabetical!

Anyway, after much investigation, I have decided not to use an Age Verification service. The pay ones are completely uneconomic for a small site like this - hundreds of people visit for each one that joins. As for the free ones - well you, the users, are the product. God knows what they will do with your details.

I have created a "Safe For Work" front page (here), and tested that I can divert UK users to it. I won't actually put the diversion live until I am forced to. When it does happen, we can all sleep safe in the knowledge that the children are protected. Or something...


A New Site Is Launched

29th April 2019 18:43

It has taken a while, but I have finally got credit card approval for my new fetish site Artcore's Cellar (

If you already have a joint membership for the Cafe & Kitchen, you will automatically have access.

Like all new sites, it is small right now, but it will grow!