Vonny is a seriously classy model from Singapore who has just moved to London. I was very lucky to get to shoot her at her apartment just after the lockdown.
2021-09-19 -
2021-09-19 - "No Windows"
A very odd little room here, with no windows but a completely glass ceiling!
2021-08-22 -
2021-08-22 - "Extraneous Straps"
Vonny wanted to add the straps as she thought the outfit looked a bit plain. It is strange, but I'll go along with it!
2021-07-11 -
2021-07-11 - "Not For Here"
A bit of mild bondage shot for the cellar. Vonny didn't want to be on an adult site, so I'm publishing them here instead :)
2021-05-16 -
2021-05-16 - "In The Window"
Time to play around with the backlight, so as not to make the pictures silhouettes!
2021-04-25 -
2021-04-25 - "Industrial Corner"
A nice corner here, with some very cool brickwork.
2021-03-28 -
2021-03-28 - "Early Autumn Look"
This was our first set. I wanted to shoot in the garden as it was such a nice day. Actually August, although it looks a bit autumnal. Vonny found it cold so we…