Vincent Littlehat

Vincent is an extraordinary fey, mystical, enchanting creature, unlike any other model I have ever met. When she visits London, I am definitely seeing her again :)
2016-01-31 -
2016-01-31 - "Little Cat"
Well it alliterates rather well, and suits the incredibly feline Vincent Littlehat perfectly in this set :)
2015-11-22 -
2015-11-22 - "Blown Out"
Blown out. The background, that is. This is a surprisingly difficult effect to get right. It's meant to look like this!
2015-10-08 -
2015-10-08 - "Tree Climber"
This is Vincent at her cute and most utterly off-centre best, up a tree. In fact, she went so far up the tree I had to call her to come back down - this isn't a…
2015-09-20 -
2015-09-20 - "Minimal Dress"
I didn't give Vincent a lot to wear in this set, the "dress" is pretty minimal. I did let her keep it on ,more or less, through the entire set. Not that it…
2015-08-06 -
2015-08-06 - "Thoroughly Female"
Vincent calls herself androgynous and multi-everything. I think this is a lot to do with her obviously omnivorous attitude to sexuality :) How could anyone look…
2015-06-03 -
2015-06-03 - "Up Close And Personal"
During a tea break on our shoot Vincent checked her email, and found a collection of photos sent to her from a previous shoot. She said "Ugh, these are…
2015-05-07 -
2015-05-07 - "On The Path"
We were walking across the common looking for a suitable place to shoot when Vincent stopped and said "Here". On the path... Well, she was the one getting naked…