Wil is so new I had to check her id before the shoot! Don't worry, she was legal by a few months. Very cute. She was rather tired, I hope to choot her again when she has more energy!
2021-05-30 -
2021-05-30 - "Blue Bikini"
This is my blue bikini. Not that I have worn it! Quite a few models have. Wil fills it nicely.
2021-02-28 -
2021-02-28 - "Dry T Shirt"
The T shirt seems huge. It brought to mind the tiny shirts girls wear for wet T shirt contests. Hence the name...
2021-01-17 -
2021-01-17 - "Black Nightie"
Wil's nightdress, quite an exotic one :)
2020-11-29 - Video:
2020-11-29 - Video: "Jiggling"
I wanted Wil to dance, but there really wasn't room, so she just had to jiggle :)
2020-10-11 -
2020-10-11 - "Introducing Wil"
Our introduction to Wil, wearing mostly what she came in.