Nella is a very famous model, who has been around for a decade or more. These days she runs her own business and doesn't model a lot. She is one of those extraordinary beauties who improves with age :)

2017-03-02 -
2017-03-02 - "Amazing Red"
Nella manages an amazing combination of busty & classy in this set
2016-11-27 -
2016-11-27 - "Farewell Nella"
The last set of a long shoot with the awesome Nella. I say farewell, I hope it is "Au Revoir"!
2016-10-09 -
2016-10-09 - "Buckles"
This outfit was quite unlike everything else Nella had with her, kind of kinky, and it went with Nella's enormous boobs perfectly!
2016-08-07 -
2016-08-07 - "Heavy Duty"
I took the proverbial baseball bat to this set in photoshop. The result is a bit different, I love it!
2016-07-31 -
2016-07-31 - "Pink Dress"
Nella looks scary good in this pink dress, don't you think?
2016-05-22 -
2016-05-22 - "Pink And Blue"
Nella's fair bursting out of her pink T-shirt in this set! A truly awesome figure :)
2016-04-03 -
2016-04-03 - "Black Set"
This black lingerie set is awesome, but then so is Nella! Shooting this was a dream come true :)
2016-02-07 -
2016-02-07 - "Cool Green Dress"
This is Nella in a rather indecent green dress. It doesn't hide a lot! Best way really :)
2015-12-31 -
2015-12-31 - "Hello Nella"
My introduction to the incomparable Nella, although we did concentrate on the shoes!