Natalia Forrest

This girl is sensational. Half filipina, with the best bits of both! Not only does she look great, she is unbelievably sexy. We are privileged to have Natalia Forrest on the site :)

2021-05-16 -
2021-05-16 - "Found The Stockings"
I wanted Natalia to wear stockings for this set, but she couldn't find them. Well, she did in the end :)
2020-12-27 -
2020-12-27 - "Old Christmas Set"
An old set, with an even older gown (actually one of Ellie's), finally getting sorted for Christmas :)
2020-08-02 - Video:
2020-08-02 - Video: "Dancing Girl"
Natalia was dancing to a completely different piece of music, but due to copyright reasons I had to change it. The perils of making video!
2019-12-29 -
2019-12-29 - "Summertime"
A very summery looking set, with this dress. I really love the colours we got here.
2019-11-17 - Video:
2019-11-17 - Video: "Looking Up"
A proper upskirt video here! Harder to shoot than you might think, to keep things in focus and not get dizzy...
2019-09-29 -
2019-09-29 - "Popping Out"
I explained to Natalia how shallow depth of field works before shooting this. She looked at the pics on the camera, and said it really made her pop out. That's…
2019-01-17 -
2019-01-17 - "Evening Wear"
I asked Natalia to bring an evening dress, and she turned up with this stunning dress.
2018-08-02 -
2018-08-02 - "Black On White"
With her black lingerie on a white background, it isn't quite "black and white", just "black on white"
2018-07-22 -
2018-07-22 - "Bright Set"
In real life,this lingerie was very bright indeed. It was toned down a little by the time I'd processed it!
2017-10-22 -
2017-10-22 - "On Green"
A very simple set of Natalia on the green background. Well. she's so beautiful it doesn't need to be any more complicated, does it?
2016-06-19 -
2016-06-19 - "Pretty As A Peach"
I thought this dress was beautiful, and Natalia is very elegant and restrained in the set.
2015-11-26 -
2015-11-26 - "Tennis"
Doesn't Natalia look stunning? A lovely, simple tennis outfit. That's all she needs!