Nata Ocean

Nata is a quite scarily pretty 19 year old model who I met in Riga. Look at those boobs! I really have to organize another shoot with her.
2020-06-07 -
2020-06-07 - "Right Cute"
Nata could make you go weak at the knees in this set! I love what she did with her hair. So cute!
2019-08-18 -
2019-08-18 - "Oops"
We were doing a mixed shoot for different websites, and when I came to process these I realised that Nata had been a bit rude (we had a bit of a language…
2019-03-03 -
2019-03-03 - "Outdoor Bonus"
Grrrrrrr! My camera very occasionally (like about once a year) stops taking pictures, even though it still makes all the right noises. I control this my…
2019-01-20 -
2019-01-20 - "Introducing Nata"
Some girls can make even me go weak at the knees when they get naked, and Nata is one of them!