Nerea is a stunning asian model (a first for me!). There aren't many asian models in London but I found one for us :) I shot her with a couple of days notice, and hope to do so again.
2020-03-08 -
2020-03-08 - "Really Close"
Here's another shallow depth of field set with Nerea.
2019-07-28 -
2019-07-28 - "In The Window"
I squeezed into the corner again so that I could shoot Nerea in the window. Some nice lighting effects here :)
2019-05-12 -
2019-05-12 - "Only A Shirt"
Nerea didn't need more than a shirt in this set. Anything else would have been a waste!
2019-03-03 -
2019-03-03 - "Jacket And Jeans"
Black jacket and jeans... I do this a lot! Nerea looks great in it :)
2019-01-06 -
2019-01-06 - "Never Seen This Before"
Nerea had never worked with someone shooting shallow depth of field like this before! I was rather shocked. She'd only seen it done in photoshop. By the way,…
2018-11-18 -
2018-11-18 - "Introducing Nerea"
Say "Hello" to Nerea... We started with an "ethnic" outfit. They take so long to sort out, we only did it once!