Kiki Klement

Kiki is a well known Czech model who visits London occasionally. I finally managed to catch up wth her one summer's evening :) I hope to do so again.
2021-04-18 -
2021-04-18 - "Disturbing Distortion"
I always love the way the face gets distorted by the model's boobs!
2017-02-26 -
2017-02-26 - "My Dress"
A smooth set of Kiki wearing my current favourite dress :)
2016-10-06 -
2016-10-06 - "Oil"
Yes, you know I love the oily shiny look! I had to give Kiki the chance to ... er ... moisturize!
2016-05-05 -
2016-05-05 - "Shower"
Some interesting lighting as Kiki has a shower at the end of our shoot. I always like to shoot girls in the shower :)
2016-03-27 -
2016-03-27 - "Fade Away"
Heavy processing alert! Sometimes I have to do the trendy thing, hence the matte finish & blue colouring here. I like it, for a change, but not all the time!
2015-11-15 -
2015-11-15 - "Kiki's Tiny Jacket"
A nice introductory set of Kiki wearing a very small leather jacket, and some slightly larger pants :)
2015-10-08 -
2015-10-08 - "Confidence"
Kiki just looks incredibly self-confident in this set, you can tell how experienced she is :)
2015-09-06 -
2015-09-06 - "Cowgirl"
There's something about this background that makes me think of the Arizona desert. I almost expect to see cacti :) Kiki, in this hat, has a distinct cowgirl…
2015-08-13 -
2015-08-13 - "Hat And Shades"
It's a small garden, but moderately secluded, at least for the braver models! Kiki is fine with it :) This is also the first set I shot with my new Leica Q…