Kim Brown

Kim is a lovely model who specialises in stripping & dancing. She does a little modelling for me though :)
2016-10-30 -
2016-10-30 - "Net And Chair"
I didn't give Kim a lot to wear at the start of this set, just a very fine net dress. She plays with it nicely though :)
2016-07-03 -
2016-07-03 - "Curl Up"
Here's Kim, curled up on the chair, very close & soft focus :)
2016-04-07 -
2016-04-07 - "Blue Tint"
I was getting a bit adventurous with the lighting on this one, but ignore that and enjoy the delightful Kim and her lingerie!
2015-10-25 -
2015-10-25 - "Cool Pattern"
This top & skirt have a very cool pattern on them, brought out well by the red background. I love Kim taking her shoes off too!