Kayla Louise

Kayla has been around for a while, and has been on all the top softcore sites. She is sexy, fun, and great company for a shoot - we end up rabbitting too much sometimes!
2021-08-15 - Video:
2021-08-15 - Video: "Night Out"
This was a "tease" video we shot for Kayla. I don't normally publish this sort of thing - it is very odd being on the receiving end of it while holding the…
2021-07-11 -
2021-07-11 - "Random Colour Match"
Another of my seemingly random colour choices here which actually match!
2021-06-13 - Video:
2021-06-13 - Video: "Topless Tease"
While looking through the vaults I found a couple of little movies I shot with Kayla & Karlie for Kayla's onlyfans ages ago. They were saved in an odd format,…
2021-05-02 -
2021-05-02 - "Field Work"
Well, she is naked in a field!
2021-03-07 - Video:
2021-03-07 - Video: "Altogether Girly"
Kayla & Sinead are being ridiculously girly as they gradually remove their even more ridiculous outfits :)
2021-02-14 -
2021-02-14 - "Redly Red"
A lot of red going on, even the lipstick!
2021-01-17 -
2021-01-17 - "Kind Of Halloween"
There's kind of a halloween feel with this dresses, particularly Lily's.
2020-11-29 -
2020-11-29 - "Little White Stool"
The white stool is famous around here! Yet another outing with Kayla
2020-10-25 -
2020-10-25 - "Black Stockings"
The things the girls have in column are the stockings. For two girls who look so different, they are great together!
2020-08-02 -
2020-08-02 - "Here They Are"
I'd shot the solo sets with Lily earlier, and then waited abut 4 hours while they did their own content shoot. So, finally, here they are for me :)
2020-07-26 - Video:
2020-07-26 - Video: "Foot Tickle"
This was a fetish thing we shot for Kayla's site, but some of it gets used here... Kayla tickles Cherry's feet :) Topless.
2020-07-19 -
2020-07-19 - "Open Space"
We were dodging showers while shooting this. Typical August weather!