Haphazard Kittie

Kittie, aka Alice Crowley (AliceCrowley) or Wonderdust Supertramp is a lovely Latvian model who used to live in London, and still visits frequently. I shot her with our mutual friend Alison Wonderland, one of my favourite shoots :) Then she came back a year later with dramatically different hair, and I have since visited her Riga!
2021-09-12 -
2021-09-12 - "Truly Strange Outfit"
This is home-made. It seems Kittie sometimes wears it out, I assume with something else :)
2021-08-15 -
2021-08-15 - "Red Pop"
The red really pops out of this set. It was actually a bit of an accident, but I like it that way :)
2021-06-06 -
2021-06-06 - "Dark Corner"
The name is actually a typo! It was supposed to be "Dark Outfit", but after I had absent-mindedly typed "Corner" on the image it was a bit too late!
2021-05-09 -
2021-05-09 - "Bondage Tape Pants"
Mmmm! The pants were my idea. The clever thing with bondage tape is that it only sticks to itself - this made it harder to do than I thought! Still, we…
2021-04-18 -
2021-04-18 - "Net Kind Of Thing"
Maybe its a poncho type of thing, I don't know :)
2021-03-28 -
2021-03-28 - "Red Eyes"
You can identify which shoot a set of Kittie comes from by the eye makeup :) This time she had red eyes.
2021-01-31 -
2021-01-31 - "Ever Changing Hair"
One of the great things whenever I see Kittie is finding our what her hair is like this time! Not so different, as it turns out. She had just done a punky…
2020-12-13 -
2020-12-13 - "Short Shorts"
I hadn't seen Kittie in short shorts before. At least, I don't remember it!
2020-11-01 -
2020-11-01 - "See Right Through"
The top doesn't hide anything, you can see right through it :)
2020-10-11 -
2020-10-11 - "Kiss Shirt"
Lots of kisses on this shirt :)
2020-09-06- "Jacket And Bikini"
The jacket is Kittie's, the bikini bottoms are mine. They've been used a lot :)
2020-08-09 -
2020-08-09 - "Holes Everywhere"
Kittie's version of the dress with holes! Somewhat perforated tights too.