Heather May Corvid

Heather is a lovely soft curvy read headed art nude model. I met her at the Hacienda, one of my favourite places, and I'm sure we will coincide again!
2019-07-07 -
2019-07-07 - "Silver Bed"
It's a lovely bedroom at the back of the Hacienda, but it was a dark old winter afternoon so we struggled with the light. We got there in the end though!
2018-11-22 -
2018-11-22 - "Matching Wall And Trousers"
Not a phrase I ever thought I'd type, and I was equally surprised to see how closely Heather's trousers matched the wall.
2018-09-16 -
2018-09-16 - "Doc Martens"
I do love a fey girl in Doc Martens, especially when she's only in Doc Martens!
2018-02-25 -
2018-02-25 - "A Touch Of The Reubens"
A proper "Peel me a grape" look on the Chaise Longue here for Heather May :)
2018-01-21 -
2018-01-21 - "Hello Heather"
Here's our introduction to the delightful Heather May at the Hacienda :)