Georgia Brown

Georgia was a very lively model who lives up north somewhere. She was visiting London and I managed to visit her at some stupid time on a Sunday morning. I had to leave home at about 6!
2021-09-05 -
2021-09-05 - "Nips Through"
Yup, you can see Georgia's nipples right through the lingerie :)
2021-08-15 -
2021-08-15 - "Fade To Blue"
Everything looked very blue and fuzzy when I shot it, but a little less now!
2021-07-25 -
2021-07-25 - "Loud Trousers"
Glow in the dark trousers!
2021-06-27 - Video:
2021-06-27 - Video: "See Through Everything"
A lingerie set that really doesn't hide a thing. Just what we want!
2021-05-16 - Video:
2021-05-16 - Video: "Falling Out"
Often girls seem to fall out of their tops... here Georgia seems to be falling out of her bottoms :)
2021-04-11 -
2021-04-11 - "Sweet Georgia Brown"
Our introduction to Georgia, with a very 70s outfit. You don't see trousers like these every day!