Gemma Jones

Gemma lives quite near where I used to live, and has a surprisingly spacious flat with a lot of studio gear. I had to take advantage! We shot when I had some eye problems and could barely see her, I will try to do better next time.
2020-11-15 -
2020-11-15 - "What I Came For"
I went to Gemma's as I'm always a sucker for a pink background.
We did several other sets first, before we finally did what I came for!
2020-09-13 -
2020-09-13 - "Small Bedroom"
We managed to fit everything into the very small bedroom. The lighting was rather fun to get right!
2020-08-30 -
2020-08-30 - "Louise XV"
I'm sure it's not a real Louis XV chair, but it seemed that syle :)
2020-07-05 -
2020-07-05 - "Flowers And Pink"
I modified the background a bit, making it bit more pastel. You'd be amazed at what I can do! It suited the flowery lingerie a little more.
2020-06-21 -
2020-06-21 - "Blue Set"
Our first set, with some blue lingerie, in the corner.