Galina M

I absolutely adored Galina, aka Galina Fedorova, Sandy or Leila Mazz. I shot her in Riga, and when my stay was extended a little I brought her back a few days later for another shoot. We kept in touch and tried to arrange more shoots, but we weren't able to due to the coronavirus. Tragically she died a few months later in a swimming accident. A beautiful, spiritual person, I will really miss her.
2021-08-29 - Video:
2021-08-29 - Video: "Little Gown"
This is the sort of gown girls put on between sets. Galina doesn't, she is naked most of the time! But, we used it for this movie.
2021-07-18 -
2021-07-18 - "Bar Stool"
A very tall girl on a very high bar stool! Quite dangerous :)
2021-06-06 - Video:
2021-06-06 - Video: "Sensual Strip"
Galina is always sensual, but this one is especially so :)
2021-04-25 - Video:
2021-04-25 - Video: "Olive Green"
A little naughty here, sometimes it happens that way! It takes a while for Galina to get the panties off :)
2021-03-07 -
2021-03-07 - "Long Legs"
I could say that I was accentuating Galina's legs in this set, but they don't need much accentuating!
2021-02-21 - Video:
2021-02-21 - Video: "Mauve Movie"
The bed and the lingerie match. They are both mauve :)
2021-01-17 -
2021-01-17 - "Classic Look"
Quite a classic colour balance in this set, just for a change :)
2020-12-13 - Video:
2020-12-13 - Video: "Strip From Blue"
My "Colour" series :) Galina strips from blue lingerie
2020-11-22 -
2020-11-22 - "Long And Sheer"
A very long sheer gown here, the sort that doesn't hide anything anyway :)
2020-10-11 - Video:
2020-10-11 - Video: "See Through Gown"
A long black gown here, all Galina needed :) Some jazzy dancing :)
2020-09-20 -
2020-09-20 - "Black And Tight"
Oh, this is a tight dress. Quite a struggle to get out of it!
2020-08-23 - Video:
2020-08-23 - Video: "Strip From Green"
My "Colour" series :) Galina strips from green lingerie