Fizza Hassella

Fizza calls herself a "Persian princess", which I'd agree with. She also started modelling as a turn on for herself and to provide naughty pictures for her boyfriend - I'd go along with that too!
2021-02-21 -
2021-02-21 - "Jeans, Topless"
Yes, as always, time for the "topless in jeans" set :)
2020-08-16 -
2020-08-16 - "Bit Too Open"
Fizza doesn't have a lot of experience of art nude modelling. This was our first set, and I realised afterwards that she had been a little naughty (it's oddly…
2020-06-14 -
2020-06-14 - "Put Her In Red"
I think this was Fizza's last lingerie set. It was actually rather brighter than it looks in the photos. I thought it looked better toned down a bit :)