Eva Ray

I spent half our shoot assuming Eva was Irish! Well, she looks it, and certainly sounds it. But no, she comes from Latvia. In fact, she used to live in the same building as the dungeon studio I've visited :) Oh, and she's also really cute!
2020-09-20 -
2020-09-20 - "Finale"
This was our last set. We finished slightly early, as it was a record breaking day for temperature and we were both about to flake out! We still got a decent…
2020-06-28 -
2020-06-28 - "All Pink"
A lot of pink going on here! What with the walls, the outfit, and the rather unnatural hair :)
2020-05-24 -
2020-05-24 - "Peep Over"
A sightly odd title. Eva liked shooting against the wall for her own site, but she always chopped her ankles off. I demonstrated how not to do that, by using a…
2020-04-12 -
2020-04-12 - "The Fridge Behind"
Well, if you're going for the cluttered background effect, you might as well put the model in front of the fridge :)
2020-03-01 -
2020-03-01 - "And A Dress"
We'd been through a lot of outfits, but Eva hadn't worn a dress. So, this time we dug one out :)
2020-02-23 -
2020-02-23 - "Red! Red! Red!"
OK, I dialled up the red in the hair and the dress, I though it looked wonderfully loud!
2020-01-19 -
2020-01-19 - "Hippy Chick"
I guess I'm from the generation that always falls for a hippy chick! It may not be Eva's natural state, but she look the part here!
2019-12-22 -
2019-12-22 - "Introducing Eva"
Say "Hello" to Eva! This was our first set, on a ridiculously hot day...