French Chloe

Chloe is a very classy french model who has been in London for a while. In fact, I booked her 8 years ago but we had to cancel on the day as the underground was shut for engineering work! In those days I wasn't able to shoot often, and we never managed to fix a date. Well, finally we did, and we will again!
2019-04-14 -
2019-04-14 - "Love The Bikini"
A very stylish bikini, in fact I thought it was a complicated one-piece to start with. It soon became obvious.
2018-05-31 -
2018-05-31 - "Can You See Me?"
Chloe thought she was so pale that we wouldn't be able to see her on a white background. Of course we could, by English standards she is extremely suntanned!
2018-04-19 -
2018-04-19 - "Introducing Chloe"
Our normal introductory set with Chloe. I had planned a different background, but it needed ironing, so we went with the traditional red :)