Amelia Rose

Brought to you from Venezuela by way of Trinidad and Lima! It took a while to get hold of Amelia Rose, but I managed it eventually. Let's hope it won't be the last!

2024-02-18 -
2024-02-18 - "White Pants"
All she has is white pants, she never brings much! We shot this twice as I thought there was a light problem... They were both OK and I can't remember which was…
2024-01-28 -
2024-01-28 - "7am"
These sets were shot very early in the morning as Amelia had to go to work. It was hard enough for me, but they had to (a) travel and (b) look good!
2023-12-31 -
2023-12-31 - "Drastic Mismatch"
They always say that colours that are similar don't go well together, but I have to say I like red & pink. In this case, with the orange cushions & yellow walls…
2023-11-19 -
2023-11-19 - "Incredible Yellow"
This one really jumps out - and not just the yellow!
2023-10-01 -
2023-10-01 - "Perched On The Chair"
I thought she was perched on this chair like on a stool when we were shooting it, but it now seems she was sitting quite comfortably!
2023-09-10 -
2023-09-10 - "Deep Red"
This was a very deep red set, but it brightened up a little in post.
2023-08-20 - Video:
2023-08-20 - Video: "Some Spanking"
A nice gentle strip from Joha & Amelia, with a bit of spanking :)
2023-06-11 -
2023-06-11 - "Blued Out"
A lot of blue here. Only Amelia had jeans!
2023-06-04 - Video:
2023-06-04 - Video: "Jacuzzi Girl"
I did like using the jacuzzi, but it is a bit noisy!
2023-03-19 -
2023-03-19 - "Who Needs Clothes?"
Amelia never has much stuff with her, she just gets naked and we get on with it!
2023-02-05 -
2023-02-05 - "Enormous Chair"
The chair was vast, and very comfortable. I would have loved it :)
2023-01-08 -
2023-01-08 - "Long Arms Long Legs part 2"
Obviously both girls have long arms & legs, but it seems particularly noticeable in this set :) part 2 of 2