Amelia Rose

Brought to you from Venezuela by way of Trinidad and Lima! It took a while to get hold of Amelia Rose, but I managed it eventually. Let's hope it won't be the last!

2022-05-22 -
2022-05-22 - "Green Glasses"
The yellow bikini thingy and the green glasses almost seem the same colour. Possibly because there is hardly any bikini there :)
2021-10-31 -
2021-10-31 - "On The Bar"
The apartment was huge. It even had a bar!
2021-08-08 -
2021-08-08 - "In Shorts"
Amelia brought several pairs of shorts. Well it is a hot country!
2021-01-31 -
2021-01-31 - "In The Picture"
Amelia is surrounded by a whole collection of photos of different parts of Lima, as a different sort of background.
2020-12-20 -
2020-12-20 - "With Shades"
I went for a grainier look here. A bit Dolce Vita, a bit 1970s.
2020-11-15 -
2020-11-15 - "Super Soft"
This set came out really soft and smooth. It sometimes happens that way :)
2020-10-11 -
2020-10-11 - "Outdoor Sofa"
A really nice terrace, with a big sofa. Nicely shaded too!
2020-09-13 -
2020-09-13 - "High Waisted"
The "High Waisted" look is quite trendy these days, it looks good with there shorts :)
2020-06-22 -
2020-06-22 - "Public Terrace"
This part of the terrace was rather overlooked, we could here the family bouncing around in the apartment upstairs. Fortunately they didn't look down!
2020-06-22 -
2020-06-22 - "Overly Red"
This was the first set we shot, but the red was a bit over the top so we didn't use it again :)