Amarissa Celeste

Amarissa is a very cool, natural looking model. She specialises in shooting outdoors, but we couldn't do that on our first shoot because of the weather. A good excuse for a second shoot then!
2021-06-13 -
2021-06-13 - "Stockings The Lot"
We hadn't been doing lingerie type stuff, but Amarissa had this set, so we used it, stockings, the lot.
2020-03-29 -
2020-03-29 - "Dark Close"
It all gets very close up here with Amarissa, in a rather dark set.
2020-02-16 -
2020-02-16 - "In My Garden"
We continued the shoot in my garden, on a very hot day :)
2020-01-26 -
2020-01-26 - "Shallow And Close"
Here we get very close up with Amarissa, making it very fuzzy and light.
2019-11-10 -
2019-11-10 - "Red Bits"
Lots of red bits in the black lingerier, and of course the shoes :)
2019-10-13 -
2019-10-13 - "Outside Clothes"
These are the clothes Amarissa was wearing when I met her - well, she was probably wearing pants on the underground!
2019-09-15 -
2019-09-15 - "Out Of The Sun"
It was a hot sunny day for our shoot on the common. Amarissa had, as my mother used to say, "caught the sun" - so we finished off with a couple of sets indoors!
2019-08-04 -
2019-08-04 - "Family Bench"
It's a bit of a weird tradition, but people pay for benches in public spaces as a memorial. This one was for an entire family! Oh.. and Amarissa is there :)
2019-07-07 -
2019-07-07 - "Not My Colour"
Amarissa mostly wears black or pastel colours, but she did have this blue set. Not her normal colours, but it does look good :)
2019-06-02 -
2019-06-02 - "Old Deck Chair"
Having come back from a rather crowded Wimbledon Common, we shot this set in my garden on an old deck chair
2019-05-12 -
2019-05-12 - "Out In The Grass"
We had been wandering around the common shooting in the wooded parts, and eventually went out into the grass for this one.
2019-04-21 -
2019-04-21 - "Flexible Scarf"
All Amarissa needs is her scarf in this set, which she uses for everything!