Amyka Lee

I shot the delightful Amyka many times several years ago, and finally got around to shooting her again for this site. She has a smile that would light up a room, and is enormous fun.
2019-11-17 -
2019-11-17 - "Pink Satin"
Amyka strips out of a nice pink satin teddy for us.
2019-06-23 -
2019-06-23 - "Kinky Clobber"
A very tight & shiny costume for Amyka in this set :)
2018-02-11- "Crazy Voluptuous"
Amyka has changed a lot in the years since I first met her, what with settling down, getting married, having a baby & a boob job - but in this set she looks…
2017-02-02 -
2017-02-02 - "Summer Day"
OK, so it was shot indoors (this summer so far has been indescribably bad), but it still looks very summery! Amyka at her best.
2016-08-11 -
2016-08-11 - "With The Big Boobies"
She may or may not be a fallen Madonna, but she certainly now has big boobies :) This is the first set shot with Amyka after her boob job. They are rather good!
2016-04-03 -
2016-04-03 - "Summer Dress"
This dress really is a bit lurid isn't it? It is rather cool though, and there are several images of Amyka's amazing smile in this set :)
2015-10-29 -
2015-10-29 - "Hello Again"
This is Amyka & me saying hello again, in our first shoot for 3 years. Certainly great to see her!