Yvette Meurs

Yvette is a Dutch art model who was over here on holiday. I booked her at the last minute, on a very hot summer day. A very pretty girl with a lovely figure.
2020-08-02 -
2020-08-02 - "Stripe Light"
It was very bright outside, so I had close the blinds slightly. We kept the stripe effects.
2020-02-02 -
2020-02-02 - "Close Up"
This set ends up very close to Yvette, as usual with me pressed against the wall
2019-10-27 -
2019-10-27 - "On Their Own"
I'm really not sure why my notes on this set say "On Their Own". Maybe she wore the lingerie on another set. You'll have to see!
2019-06-02 -
2019-06-02 - "White On White"
Here's another close on bed set, this one almost entirely white.
2019-03-17 -
2019-03-17 - "Athletic Wear"
This costume is straight out of the gym :)
2019-02-24 -
2019-02-24 - "Sofa Set"
Well, you know we like to have girls on my sofa :) This time, with really nice shorts!
2019-01-10 -
2019-01-10 - "Her Jeans, My Shirt"
Yvette had run out of tops, so I leant her one of mine :)
2018-12-16 -
2018-12-16 - "Kind Of Blouse"
Just one item of clothing here. As Yvette said, its a "Kind of blouse"
2018-11-08 -
2018-11-08 - "Ball Gown"
Yvette looked like she was off to the prom, at least at the start of the set!