Yuki is a delightful fey sort of model, who lives right out in the wilds on the east coast. So much so that she got completely lost coming to see me! Don't worry, next time I'm going out there to see her!
2021-09-05 -
2021-09-05 - "In The Corridor"
Some kind of pensive pictures of Yuki here in the corridor
2020-09-13 -
2020-09-13 - "Back Of The Sofa"
Yuki is mostly on the back of the sofa in this set, she found it more interesting!
2017-07-09 -
2017-07-09 - "End Of Shoot Shower"
At the end of our shoot, Yuki has a quick shower for us :)
2017-01-15 -
2017-01-15 - "A Bit Of Black Lingerie"
This is very simple lingerie, which suits Yuki down to the ground :) Doesn't it?
2016-12-04 -
2016-12-04 - "Introducing Yuki"
Here's my first set with Yuki :) I found her absolutely adorable, and you can see why!