Rara is a very active, hard working young model who has made quite a name for herself over the last year or so. I spent a long enjoyable summer evening shooting with her.
2017-07-20 -
2017-07-20 - "Me, Sarcastic?"
Actually my original notes for this set said "Sarcastic Cow"! Not sure why!
2017-03-02 -
2017-03-02 - "Suitably Fuzzy"
I decided to have some fun when processing this set of Rara. The depth of field effects leant themselves to making it even fuzzier that it was when I shot it.
2016-11-27 -
2016-11-27 - "Negative Intent"
I really twisted this set of Rara around, to make it look almost like a negative :)
2016-07-24 -
2016-07-24 - "Sort Of Bridal"
One of my periodic excursions into heavy duty photoshopping! I was trying to make Rara as dark as possible.
2016-05-29 -
2016-05-29 - "All Blue"
A whole lot of blueness going on in this set :) Especially with the lighting...
2016-01-31 -
2016-01-31 - "Flowers On The Dress"
This is Rara lazing on the small sofa, with lots of reflections, and this rather strange flowered dress. Very smooth!
2015-12-17 -
2015-12-17 - "Yankee"
I spent many years living in Atlanta where (if you've ever seen "Gone With The Wind" you'll know why) the Yankees are seen as the big enemies. Particularly if…
2015-11-12 -
2015-11-12 - "Unusual Use For A Scarf"
I guess if you don't have your pants with you, you can just wrap yourself in a scarf! Not really, but it does make a nice costume for Rara :)
2015-10-15 -
2015-10-15 - "Black Widow"
Another bit of experimental processing with Rara, her look seems to suit it! There's definitely a bit of a "black widow" look about her here.
2015-09-21 -
2015-09-21 - "Just A Jacket"
A simple costume for Rara in this set - just a jacket! This set is all very trendy - shallow depth of field, soft, fuzzy matte finish. Not normal for me, but I…