Rana (aka La Rana Arrogante) is a very unusual alternative model from Italy. I'm not a tattoo person, but her's are really cool! She visits the UK frequently, but we've only managed to coincide once so far. We were so good together, we've already booked for her next visit and she won't be alone ;)
2020-09-06 -
2020-09-06 - "Alternative Girls"
Yes, it doesn't get much more alternative than these two :)
2019-10-13 -
2019-10-13 - "Colours"
A lot of different colours going on in this set, with the scarf, socks & tattoos :)
2019-05-12 -
2019-05-12 - "Black And Purple"
Just for a change, we made the colours the girls were wearing clash :)
2019-04-28 -
2019-04-28 - "Rana Again"
Let's say hello to Rana again! This shoot was rather hard work as I was under the weather, but Rana was great :)
2019-03-28 -
2019-03-28 - "Lots Of Tattoos"
Rana had got even more tattoos since I last saw her, and Medusa clearly has plenty :)
2018-12-20 -
2018-12-20 - "Final Set"
This was the last set of a stressful shoot while I was worrying about my broken camera!
2018-12-20 -
2018-12-20 - "Bonus: And Then It Broke"
The most expensive set I ever shot! The camera made a slightly odd noise (when you spent as long as I have 2 inches from it, you get very sensitive to the…
2018-11-04 -
2018-11-04 - "Contrasting Pastels"
The girls tattoos a very harsh, so I made this one very faint and pastel coloured for a change.
2018-10-04 -
2018-10-04 - "Tights Fetish Set"
I had a lot of fun processing this set. It started off looking a little strange... and it ended up looking even stranger!
2018-06-24 -
2018-06-24 - "Serious Lingerie"
This is a kinky lingerie based set of the lovely Rana. It goes well with her tattoos, don't you think?
2018-05-27 -
2018-05-27 - "Red Bikini And Bits"
A strip for Rana from a red bikini & accessories :)
2018-03-01 -
2018-03-01 - "Red Wine Entwined"
Well, it's fruit juice really! This is a very intimate set of Rana & Red Snow. They always looked great together, but particularly here :)