Rachelle Summers

Rachelle is a very classy model from up north. She visits London occasionally. We had a bit of an unfortunate shoot due to problems with the studio, but I'd love to shoot her again!
2021-09-26 -
2021-09-26 - "Pink And Black"
There's me getting all pink & red again, then we added the black chair.
2021-08-01 -
2021-08-01 - "Crazy Glasses"
No, you can't see through these at all - although one of the lenses keeps falling out so you can occasionally :)
2018-10-04 -
2018-10-04 - "Blue Outfit"
What a cool colour! Probably my favourite of Rachelle's outfits.
2018-04-15 -
2018-04-15 - "Record Set"
I mentioned at the time that this shoot wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs, thanks to the attitudes of the owners of the studio. I really needed one more set to…
2017-09-28 -
2017-09-28 - "Goofy Chair"
This was a very odd chair, sort of a bit loud! Rachelle looks good on it though :)
2017-07-30 -
2017-07-30 - "Time For Bed"
After shooting in the main room for a while, it was time for bed!
2017-05-07 -
2017-05-07 - "Introducing Rachelle"

A nice introduction to Rachelle :)