Quinn Linden

Quinn is a beautiful model from the Ukraine who now lives in Prague. She has a bit of a goth thing going, and almost always wears black. I did get a little colour into her though :)
2020-10-04 -
2020-10-04 - "Full Black Outfit"
I think this was what Quinn came in, a completely black outfit.
2019-09-22 -
2019-09-22 - "End Of Shoot Shower"
Quinn was happy to finish the shoot with a quick shower, so we thought we'd try it. Lighting can be difficult, but it was good here :)
2019-07-07 -
2019-07-07 - "Through The Door"
I tried the difficult feat of shooting out through the door onto the balcony for this set, I thought it would make a change!
2019-04-28 -
2019-04-28 - "Fireplace"
I decided to try a bit of a shallow depth of field thing here - most of the day was spent using flash - and put Quinn in front of the fireplace.
2018-11-01 -
2018-11-01 - "Topless In Jeans"
Quinn's turn to be topless in jeans... and then naked :)
2018-10-11 -
2018-10-11 - "Just Fishnets"
Just a pair of bright fishnet tights for Quinn! She doesn't need any more.
2018-09-23 -
2018-09-23 - "This Is Quinn"
Introducing the lovely Quinn Linden. She always wears black :)