Patricia, aka Maya or Lil Karla looked so young I checked her ID before the shoot! She had just turned 19, and was unbelievably cute. We had a long shoot in Riga, and I ended up with a crazy amount of material!
2021-09-05 - Video:
2021-09-05 - Video: "On Her Knees"
Patricia has to dance on her knees as the only space here is the bed!
2021-07-04 -
2021-07-04 - "See Her Nipples"
This is my old dress. I like the way you can see her nipples through it!
2021-05-09- "One Of Mine"
Patricia brought several outfits, but this is actually one of mine.
2021-02-14 -
2021-02-14 - "Glittery Leotard"
Leotards come in all styles, and I always like them! This has some clearly unnecessary glitter :)
2021-01-10 - Video:
2021-01-10 - Video: "Dancing In Her Daisies"
Here we have Patricia dancing in her short shorts :)
2020-12-20 -
2020-12-20 - "High Waist"
The classic high waisted look, kind of :)
2020-11-01 - Video:
2020-11-01 - Video: "Red Patterns Everywhere"
The dress is actually mine. The patterns are very similar to the bed, which makes it all a bit weird.
2020-10-18 -
2020-10-18 - "Little Flower Bra"
There wasn't a matching bottom for this bra, so we kept the short shorts
2020-09-06 - Video:
2020-09-06 - Video: "Dancing In Red"
Now Patricia dances and strips for us from the complicated red outfit.
2020-08-09 -
2020-08-09 - "Terrifying Purple"
The purple isn't terrifying, Patricia is. I don't wish to boast, I spend a lot of time with extremely attractive naked young women, but even I was unnerved a…