Ovnicat was a very alternative model I met in Lima - a friend of Rosa's. We really shot for SG, but I did a few sets for here too :) She has some great tattoos!
2018-01-07 -
2018-01-07 - "Black Underwear"
Ovnicat's tattoos are really cool in this, her underwear is pretty neat too!
2017-08-24 -
2017-08-24 - "Pastel Colours"
There are a lot of pastel colours here, the costume, the furniture & even Ovnicat!
2017-06-04 -
2017-06-04 - "Living Room"
We get to see the best of Ovnicat's tattoos in this set, shot in the living room of my Lima apartment :)
2017-03-09 -
2017-03-09 - "Now That's Hair"
This was the first set I shot with Ovnicat. I loved her jacket, and her hair! And everything else, really :)