Miele Rancido

"Miele Rancido" probably means something like Rancid Honey (I speak Spanish, but not Italian...). Miele was a lovely, very smart, model who helped me out at short notice in Bergamo. I hope to shoot her again in London soon!
2018-02-04 -
2018-02-04 - "So Good They Did It Twice"
I liked the girls taking these dresses off, so I got them to do it twice!
2017-12-24 -
2017-12-24 - "Outside Quickly"
Bit of a quick bonus set this one... some officious knob with a walkie talkie turned up so we had to leg it! I do like the pictures though :)
2017-11-30 -
2017-11-30 - "Miele's Shower"
It's Miele's turn to have a shower :) She does seem to fold herself into a very small space too!
2017-08-31 -
2017-08-31 - "In The Corner"
I wedged Red Snow & Miele in the corner for this set, it ends up very tightly framed :)
2017-04-23 -
2017-04-23 - "Pink Together"
The two girls look very smooth in this set :) All pink lingerie & tattoos...
2017-01-29 -
2017-01-29 - "Tattoos Together"
This was the first set we shot with Red Snow & Miele together. The hotel room was a really cool location too :)
2017-01-22 -
2017-01-22 - "In The Window"
This is a lovely compact little set of Miele in the hotel window, with glorious light coming through :)
2016-12-15 -
2016-12-15 - "Here's Miele"
A really cool introduction to my latest italian alternative model, Miele :) Them's serious tattoos!