Mia Sollis

Mia Sollis is a top international model, from the Czech republic. She is living in London for a while to improve her english, and I had to take advantage. She is as smart and funny as she looks, and a tremendous talent.
2021-06-20 -
2021-06-20 - "Clubbing Dresses"
Actually, one of the dresses is mine! They definitely look like they're up for a night out!
2021-01-17 -
2021-01-17 - "Heavily Shadowed"
Very directional light here, that's why we get the shadows :)
2020-12-06 -
2020-12-06 - "Much Grain"
This one ended up with a lot of grain, it seemed necessary to do it!
2020-07-05 -
2020-07-05 - "Spotted Underwear"
It's a nice blue set, with plenty of spots :)
2019-12-15 -
2019-12-15 - "Rework: T-Shirt"
It's that T-Shirt again. It's one of mine, and I can occasionally be seen wearing it! It also really suits Mia, on my little sofa.
2019-07-14 -
2019-07-14 - "Rework: Mia On The Stairs"
Mia strips on the stairs. Need I say more?
2018-12-27 -
2018-12-27 - "Close In The Window"
I seemed to get very close to Mia in this set! Actually I was pressed against the wall to get far enough away!
2018-10-28 -
2018-10-28 - "Very Tasty"
A new visit from Mia, and she looks very tasty in this beautiful dress for us.
2018-04-22 -
2018-04-22 - "Woolly Top"
A very pretty outfit, and some interesting special effects, for Mia in this set :)
2018-01-04 -
2018-01-04 - "Soft And Smooth"
I love the look in this set :) The mute colours make it really smooth, and Mia is wonderful.
2017-11-02 -
2017-11-02 - "Proper Socks"
Yup, these are proper socks Mia is wearing in this set. That's why she doesn't take them off!
2017-09-24 -
2017-09-24 - "What With?"
I liked Mia's jacket - I seem to remember she wore it when she came - but we had to dig around a bit to find something suitable to go with it. Hence... "What…