Ludmilla is one of those magnificent older women who combine beauty & strength... She travelled from Estonia to Riga just to see me :) She doesn't shoot often, but I hope to shoot her again next time I'm in the area.
2019-09-08 -
2019-09-08 - "Woodland"
Before lunch, Ludmilla & I had time for this set in the woods :)
2019-07-21 -
2019-07-21 - "A Few Shades Darker"
I deliberately shot this set dark, but for some reason it didn't come out that way... well, maybe just a few shades darker :)
2019-05-05 -
2019-05-05 - "Red Dress"
I didn't use this bedroom much as the background is a bit odd, but it looks fine here with Ludmilla and her red dress!
2019-01-27 -
2019-01-27 - "Window Sill"
Ludmilla spent most of this set on the window sill, which makes the lighting surprisingly difficult... but we got it right :)
2018-07-29 -
2018-07-29 - "Baby Doll"
I don't know if a baby doll nightie is normal in a dungeon, especially with a cup of tea, but it all looks good!
2018-06-03 -
2018-06-03 - "Scary Dungeon"
Ludmilla was a bit surprised when I took her to the dungeon - I don't think she'd ever been somewhere like this before! Still, once we started, she was fine…
2018-05-10 -
2018-05-10 - "I Don't Normally Do This"
When I suggested shooting outside, Ludmilla said she wouldn't do that nude because she didn't want to be seen. But, when we got there, she liked the location so…
2018-04-12 -
2018-04-12 - "Shapes On The Floor"
Here's something a bit different! Ludmilla makes some interesting shapes on the floor, along with some unusual colours and grain :)
2018-03-18 -
2018-03-18 - "Ludmilla's Turn"
Yup, Ludmilla's turn to be topless in jeans :)
2018-02-15 -
2018-02-15 - "Jacket And Pants"
I thought leaving the trousers off would save us some time!
2017-12-21 -
2017-12-21 - "Prison Bed"
A very rough but rather cool looking bed for Ludmilla. Not exactly a prison, but it is a dungeon :)
2017-11-16 -
2017-11-16 - "Orange Chair"
Ludmilla's turn to pose on the orange chair - this time with very orange lighting :)