Lucie B

Lucie, aka Ema Black (Prague models always have loads of names!), was a terrific model with just about the best skin I have ever seen! Beautiful and very talented, I plan on shooting her again when I next visit :)
2020-11-01 -
2020-11-01 - "Check Pants, Czech Model"
Bad pun, I know, but I had no choice :)
2020-08-16 -
2020-08-16 - "Extremely Pink"
Extremely pink indeed. I don't recall it being quite so pink in real life!
2019-03-21 -
2019-03-21 - "A Shame To Take It Off"
This dress looked so good I let Lucie keep it on for most of the set. It seemed a shame to take it off :)
2018-02-22 -
2018-02-22 - "Time To Shower"
At the end of the shoot, it was time for Lucie to have a shower :)
2018-01-18 -
2018-01-18 - "Lucie's Leather Jacket"
I love the outfit in this, it almost seems a shame to ask Lucie to take it off... Oh, no it doesn't!
2017-03-09 -
2017-03-09 - "F"
The title is brief and to the point. You can see why!
2017-02-09 -
2017-02-09 - "Hello Again"
A nice reintroduction to one of my favourite models, Lucie, this time in my apartment in Prague :)
2016-04-24 -
2016-04-24 - "Jaccuzzi"
You're probably not supposed to take all your clothes off in the Jaccuzzi in the gym, but such details don't stop Elen & Lucie :)
2016-02-18 -
2016-02-18 - "Yellow Leotard"
Lucie looks very athletic in (and out of) her yellow leotard, in the corner of the fitness centre.