Julia Zu

Julia was 19 and astonishing! She had a figure that even made me dribble! We had a great shoot in Riga, mostly in my apartment but also briefly in the dungeon at the end. She disappeared after our shoot but has recently reappeared in Playboy. I have to see her again...

2018-02-25 -
2018-02-25 - "In Bed"
A lovely soft smooth set of Julia in bed in Riga :)
2017-10-26 -
2017-10-26 - "Naughty Maid"
Most of the shoot with Julia was very sophisticated, or a bit kinky. This is neither! A nice tacky maid's outfit for a change!
2017-08-17 -
2017-08-17 - "Maroon Set"
Julia is wearing a beautiful maroon set of lingerie at the start of this set. At the end, not so much :)
2017-04-30 -
2017-04-30 - "Lambskin Rug"
Here's a nice set of Julia lying on a lambskin rug, while I balance precariously on the bed above her!
2017-03-23 -
2017-03-23 - "High Thigh"
This is a very grungy set of Julia in a very high thigh leotard.
2017-01-01 -
2017-01-01 - "God Save Queens"
Strange text on the underwear! I do love the look though :)
2016-10-13 -
2016-10-13 - "Against The Wall"
This set gets really grungy, with Julia up against the wall in the dungeon.
2016-09-18 -
2016-09-18 - "Jeans Set"
You know I love a topless girl in jeans! Given a model built like Julia, you didn't think I was going to resist this, did you?
2016-08-21 -
2016-08-21 - "Orange Chair"
This is a gorgeous set, if I say so myself! I really love the lighting in the dungeon here, the chair is really cool, and as for Julia... Wow!
2016-08-21 -
2016-08-21 - "Hello Julia"
My introduction to Julia, not my normal simple studio set as I wasn't at home, but on the sofa in the apartment. We really got the images to pop!