Joha is a beautiful venezuelan girl, who I came across in Lima. She is very smart, and has done some spectacular fashion modelling - now here she is, for us!
2021-09-05 -
2021-09-05 - "In The Sun"
A nice sunny outside spot on the terrace. There was a bit of shade to hide us from the neighbours!
2021-08-22 -
2021-08-22 - "Boots On The Sand"
Having removed the complicated costume, all Joha had left was her boots. Gives a whole new meaning to "Boots On The Sand" :)
2021-07-18 -
2021-07-18 - "Concrete Ruin"
I have no idea what the concrete thing was, but it was huge! This was just the bit at the end, you can see the rest in the background.
2021-05-02 -
2021-05-02 - "Keep The Gown"
I love the look of this set! Joha had to keep the gown on as the neighbours could look down, but it doesn't hide anything from us!
2021-04-11 -
2021-04-11 - "Grumble Groan"
There's a reason for the name, but I'm not telling you. Another set with bits of paper and no nudity!
2021-03-07 -
2021-03-07 - "By The Pool"
We got access to this hotel to shoot around their pool. The pictures were for ArtGirls, but I'm using them here too :)
2021-02-28 -
2021-02-28 - "Taking A Shower"
At the end of a long day Joha takes a shower... there was a lot of sand about :)
2021-01-24 -
2021-01-24 - "On The Sand"
By now the costumes have gone, the sun is going, and we have quite an audience!
2020-11-08 -
2020-11-08 - "Long Flower Dress"
Joha had to keep the dress on for a long time as some suspicious people turned up to watch us for a while... eventually they went and so did the dress!
2020-10-18 -
2020-10-18 - "Sun Glow"
More pool pics with the cool costumes :)
2020-09-27 - Video:
2020-09-27 - Video: "Posing In The Water"
A bit of a behind the scenes video here as the girls pose for Rosa's husband. He's a photographer too :)
2020-09-06 -
2020-09-06 - "On The Stairs"
I took advantage of the stairs too look up at Joha's bottom. I'm not a bottom man, but wouldn't you?