Cadef is a very pretty Peruvian girl who wanted me to shot her for Suicide Girls. That style requires bright light and, like all Peruvians, she arrived late and it was getting dark. Oh well, we shot for me instead :)
2020-02-23 -
2020-02-23 - "Baggy"
Yes, Cadef's shorts are a little baggy - it shows how slim she is!
2019-09-15 -
2019-09-15 - "Comfy Chair Bonus"
A very nice chair :) There were some lighting issues - it really was dark by the time we shot this - so I ended up with a short bonus set
2019-07-28 -
2019-07-28 - "New Bikini"
I gave Cadef the money for this bikini the day before the shoot. It's the smallest she could get, but it still looks big!
2019-05-05 -
2019-05-05 - "Little Cadef"
Don't worry... I don't know how young you might think she looks, I checked her ID before the shot - Cadef is well over age! Here's our introduction.