Blue Lah

Blue was spectacular! Beautiful and incredibly sexy. We started with a "socially distanced" shoot at the end of the Corona lock-down, which presented it's own difficulties. She will definitely back for lot more.
2021-06-27 -
2021-06-27 - "Close To The Shoes"
I definitely got close to the shoes in this set :)
2021-05-30 - Video:
2021-05-30 - Video: "Red Strip"
Yes, red lingerie. To start, at least!
2021-03-21 - Video:
2021-03-21 - Video: "Preparation"
This was actually a preparation for a different video, I was filming as we were tinkering around. I liked it, so I put a music track on it and published it :)
2021-02-07 - Video:
2021-02-07 - Video: "First Movie"
This was the first movie shot with my new Q2 camera. Its a little twitchy as I was struggling a bit with the grip... but Blue still looks great :)
2021-01-10 -
2021-01-10 - "Should Have Worn These Last"
The boots were new, and glittery. We ended up with glitter everywhere. You can see it about Blue's person on all the sets from this shoot!