Barbara Cia

Barbara is a proper fashion model :) Tall, slim, and very stylish indeed... She speaks english as well as I do, having lived in the UK, but she is now in the Czech republic.
2018-04-29 -
2018-04-29 - "Black On Blue"
Here's Barbara, in black, on the blue background - as it says on the lid!
2018-03-25 -
2018-03-25 - "Twins In The Shower"
OK, so apart from the rather amusing abbreviation in the file names, we get to see two Barbaras in the shower here :)
2017-12-28 -
2017-12-28 - "That Jeans Look"
Yes... topless girl in jeans! Of course Barbara did it!
2017-10-29 -
2017-10-29 - "Serious Leggings"
Barbara looks very stylish in this set. The leggings take the place of my usual jeans!
2017-08-31 -
2017-08-31 - "I'll Take That One"
Before shooting this set, I gave Barbara the choice of the T-shirts I had with me. She said, "I'll take that one" :)
2017-07-30 -
2017-07-30 - "Spotty Top"
I loved this location in the Prague apartment. As you can see, I used it a lot! So, here's a set with Barbara Cia and her spotted leotard.
2017-04-20 -
2017-04-20 - "New And Cool"
Barbara had this brand new outfit, which I absolutely loved. I had to shoot her with it :)
2017-01-29 -
2017-01-29 - "God This Is Sexy"
I knew I loved this set when I looked at it on the camera! Sometimes when you download them and see them on this pc, you're not so sure. In this case, I loved…
2016-12-01 -
2016-12-01 - "Blue Corner"
And in the blue corner, it's Barbara Cia! Well, the corner is the corner of the Prague apartment, rather than a boxing ring - a whole lot more suitable place…
2016-10-23 -
2016-10-23 - "Introducing Barbara"
My introductory set with Barbara. She is beautiful, but look at those amazing trousers!