Babe, aka XXXBabe69XXX (at least, that's what she wrote on the paperwork, but I can't pronounce that!), is a real rarity. An Indian nude model :) And she's covered in tattoos! She was a lot of fun, and I have to shoot her again :)
2020-12-06- "With Flowers"
The flowers are just printed on the lingerie...
2020-10-04 -
2020-10-04 - "Major Black"
Babe is wearing a lot of black, and I seem to have lit it so that you can't see anything else!
2020-08-23 -
2020-08-23 - "Light Purple"
Babe seemed to have a lot of purple with her, this is the lightest set.
2020-06-07 -
2020-06-07 - "Added Stockings"
I'm not sure why my notes say the stockings are "added". Babe has the top & bottom in another set, but she has the stockings there too!
2020-05-24 -
2020-05-24 - "Here We Are Again"
Our first set, when Babe came back. Good to see her again!
2020-03-15 - Video:
2020-03-15 - Video: "Putting On The Bits"
I thought it would make a change if Babe put her clothes on rather than take them off :)
2019-12-15 -
2019-12-15 - "That Looks Cute"
Babe said that she looked cute in her leather jacket and white T-shirt, and nothing else. I wasn't about to disagree, so we didn't bother with anything else!
2019-04-07 -
2019-04-07 - "All Dark"
Everything looks very dark in this set, with Babe being so dark and all her clothes black.
2019-03-03 -
2019-03-03 - "Landing"
We had to do a shoot on the landing - the last I did before moving :)
2019-01-10 -
2019-01-10 - "Hi Babe"
You might say that in a bar, I was able to say it at the start of the shoot :) This is our first set..