Zara Moore

Zara is a proper northern lass, and glamour model. She came to visit me while shooting for other photographers. She really comes to life in front of the camera, and I hope she ventures down south again soon!
2015-12-27 -
2015-12-27 - "Shower"
It had been a long day for Zara. A 6 hour journey down to me (I don't know where from, it's grim up there), and then our shoot. She ended up with a shower, I…
2015-11-08 -
2015-11-08 - "The Last Time With That Dress"
This dress has been incredibly popular with models and, depending on how I work out the update schedule, there are a lot more sets with it to come. However,…
2015-08-30 - Zara Moore in
2015-08-30 - Zara Moore in "Baby Doll"
A nice early morning set of Zara in a baby doll nightie which she appeared to have been wearing overnight :)
2015-07-23 -
2015-07-23 - "On The Floor"
A nice simple early morning set of Zara wearing one of my favourite dresses - for a while at least :)
2015-06-25 -
2015-06-25 - "Hello Zara"
My usual simple introductory set with a new model. I liked Zara instantly!
2015-05-24 -
2015-05-24 - "Body Stocking"
This was the first time Zara had worn this body stocking. It looks pretty amazing. She even kept it on for the entire set, not that it hid a lot by the end :)